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Case Studies

Identifying the Most Economical Process in Sorbitol Production

Client Objective: Global toothpaste manufacturing firm wanted to understand the total costs involved in the production of sorbitol using various feedstocks across various regions. Download Case Study

Exploring the Opportunity of Fortified Dairy Products for a Multinational Food Ingredient Manufacturer

Client Objective: A global food ingredient manufacturer was evaluating its positioning and development strategy for the Indian fortified dairy products market and needed help in quantifying the market potential and gaining a richer understanding of Indian consumers and their dairy consumption patterns. Download Case Study

Understanding the Milk Procurement Model in Karnataka

Client Objective: Karnataka based dairy startup wanted to understand the milk procurement process and the key factors driving  farmers to supply milk. Download Case Study

Providing an Efficient Distribution Model for a Mumbai Based Dairy Firm

Client Objective: Mumbai based dairy firm wanted to understand the milk distribution models of its competitors and the key factors that drive the sales of dairy products. Download Case Study

Providing a Country Attractiveness Index for a European Diagnostic Manufacturer

Client Objective: European diagnostic manufacturer wanted to launch its PCR based diagnostic kit in 15 European countries during the recent H1N1 outbreak. The launch was planned in three phases with five countries in each phase. The client wanted us to provide a market attractiveness index for each of the countries. Download Case Study

Exploring the Opportunities for Smart Cards Across Various Application Sectors in India

Client Objective: Indian smart card manufacturer wanted to understand the opportunities for smart cards across various application sectors in India. Download Case Study

Identification of a Potential Drug Candidate for an Inlicencing Opportunity

Client Objective: Multinational pharmaceutical company seeking to inlicence potential drug candidates in therapy areas where it had little presence. Download Case Study

Forecasting the Global Demand Supply Gap of Neodymium till 2018

Client Objective: Rare earth metal miner wanted to gain an understanding on the supply demand landscape of Neodymium in the next five years. Download Case Study


Comprehensive Evaluation of the Chinese Healthcare Market For a Global Pharmaceutical and Medical Devices Manufacturer

Client Objective: A global pharmaceutical and medical devices manufacturing company wanted to gain a comprehensive understanding of the Chinese economic, political and social environment and its impact on the health care sector. Download Case Study

Designing a Model to Increase Eye Donations in an Indian Hospital

Client Objective: A major Indian hospital wanted a new model to increase its total number of eye donations. Download Case Study