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One of the most important tasks, here at IMARC, is to identify and nurture good talent. While recruiting, we look for individuals who possess:

  • Sharp problem-solving skills and strong intellectual capability
  • Passionate, dedicated and creative personality
  • Strong leadership and result-oriented attitude
  • Positive outlook towards difficult situations

Delhi/NCR (India)


Qualification Masters in Statistics, Operations Research, Econometrics, MBA, Mathematics, B.Tech/B.E with a high quantitative component and good academic record.
Experience  2-4 (Preferably in Forecasting)
Description of Position
  • Production of Long-run and Short-run forecast
  • Forecast accuracy / Performance tracking. Corrective actions, if needed
  • Early indication system: Provide analytical update on upcoming events / special occasion to help business in capacity planning
  • Deep-dive analyses (trend change / process improvement )
  • Strategic recommendations to handle a load in efficient way / Optimization
  • Design efficient servicing model (grouping multiple clients)
Candidate Profile
  • Need to have knowledge in Statistical data analysis.
  • Prior experience in time-series / forecasting / Regression / Exponential Smoothing / Capacity Planning, will be preferred.




Qualifications B.Tech/B.E (IIT, NIT and Top Government Colleges Only)+MBA (Top Colleges Only)
Experience 6-10 Years (Preferably in Quantitative Research)
Description of position                                     
  • Provide accurate and timely analysis of customer behaviours and identify revenue increasing opportunities
  • Utilise a variety of analytical and statistical techniques including some of Regression modelling, Experimental design, CHAID, Cluster analysis, Conjoint analysis, Mapping and forecasting to answer specific business problems
  • Depending on focus – lead development of propensity models, forecasting, pricing elasticity models, lapse models, and other models as required to predict and exploit value for changes in customer behaviour, CLV models
  • Develop Marketing campaign analysis to optimise marketing spend effectiveness
  • Synthesising so-whats of analytics and ensuring they are embedded in the business
  • Manage the presentation of data and reports


Candidate Profile
  • Proven experience in a quant based analyst role with at least 6 years of relevent experience
  • Proven results in a very driven, demanding and project based analytics environment
  • Solid experience of using statistical analysis to drive business benefit with proven returns
  • Bilingual with an international background
  • Highly accomplished problem solving, proposal writing and presentation skills along with a customer focused approach
  • Multi – channel expertise and direct experience of marketing and sales support activities