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Our Services

Market/Product assessment reports give our clients a deep insight into the dynamics of the Industry. These studies serve as an analytical as well as a statistical tool to understand the regulations, trends, market structure, sales, supply chain, competitive landscape, drivers, restraints and the outlook of the Industry.

Market/Product Assessment Reports

With a client list consisting of the world’s largest Logistics, Dairy and FMCG companies; IMARC Group’s procurement and supply chain division represents a leader in the delivery of  customized procurement and supply chain research services in India and across the globe. Our research coverage extends across the globe covering six continents and encompasses all the critical components of an organizations supply chain.

Procurement and Supply Chain Research
Data Modeling and Forecasting

Minimizing blind guess work  in your decisions, IMARC’s Business and Forecasting Models can serve as critical tools for the evaluation of major transactions and projects. These models have played a major role in assisting our clients in planning, budgeting and monitoring their business performance.

Global Import and Export Trade Data

Be it locating suppliers, identifying buyers, conducting market research, qualifying trade partners, or generating sales leads – IMARC’s import and export database represents one of the most comprehensive, standardized and validated  sources of global trade data online.

With the financial services industry becoming more competitive and to a significant extent, confusing by the day, IMARC Group’s Financial Research team provides measurement based solutions that are focused to give our clients the winning edge.

Financial Research

Operating in a fast-paced business and technological environment can prove to be quite challenging and may involve a high degree of risk. The key is to quickly adapt and keep up with the changing market scenarios and rapid technological development.

Customized Research
Syndicated Research

In rapidly changing business and competitive landscapes, organizations need to keep up with the on-going market trends to stay ahead of their industry rivals. In order to achieve this, gathering deep yet inclusive information is an essential aspect but can prove to be an arduous task.

Consulting services

IMARC Group provides value added research and consulting services to international as well as domestic companies and investors regarding setting up their facilities as well as doing business in India. We fully understand the challenge of expanding the business across borders and how difficult it can be to build a distinguished and reputable position in the market.

An effective cost model is one of the most valuable tools for an organisation and serves as an aid for building stronger relationships with suppliers while ensuring transparency in costs. By thoroughly understanding the cost structure of the goods and services purchased, we, at IMARC, offer comprehensive cost modeling and forecasting services to assist our clients in their procurement decisions. We provide them with cost models that are flexible, accurate and easy to use. These models help our clients analyse the total production, procurement and ownership costs, enabling them to optimize their processes, thereby, improving the bottom lines.

Cost Modeling and Forecasting Services

Social research is crucial for gathering relevant and accurate information about the prevalent social scenario of a region. Social sciences have long formed an essential part of market research and have been vital for understanding consumer behavior. Some of the commonly analyzed aspects of social research include demographics such as age, income, education and employment level.

Social and Rural Research
Customer Satisfaction Survey

Customer satisfaction surveys are conducted for determining if a deliverable has lagged, met or exceeded customers’ expectations. They help in identifying unmet customer needs and missed opportunities for business growth while focusing on general demographics of a potential or existing customer group, such as income level, gender and age.

India Entry Strategy

India is one of the largest democracies in the world with a large labor pool, a diverse set of customer preferences and dynamically changing regulatory environment.

Globalization has given way to endless opportunities for new entrants as well as established vendors across nations. It has also led to the expansion and diversification of various markets.

Country Entry Strategy