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Data can provide you with some insights, but without the right questions, the right processes and the right technology, it often does not lead to the desired outcome – which ultimately represents the difference between success and failure. At IMARC, we provide sector-specific research and consulting solutions that can achieve superior results and provide our customers with a significant advantage in competitive markets. Get in touch with us today to know how IMARC can help you enhance your business performance, enabling you to become stronger, faster, and more productive.

Consumer Survey and Feedback Reports
 Consumer Survey

Growth and innovation begins with a thorough understanding of what your consumer thinks and how they act. Most organizations under leverage consumer research. And when they do reveal surprising insights, they often view it not as an

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Competitive Intelligence and Benchmarking
Competitive Intelligence

When playing in a crowded field, the most assured way to stay ahead of the competition is knowing what they’re going to do before they have done it. Competitive intelligence should be perceived as an essential tool when creating a long-term

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Market Entry and Opportunity Assessment
Market Entry

Entering uneplored markets represents a game of high risk, high reward. An organization’s blueprint for success in one geography or sector may backfire in another. It is estimated that for every successful market entry, there are around four failures.

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Pricing and Cost Research
 Pricing and Cost

Pricing and costs can drive or wreck an organizations operating margins. Small changes in average costs can translate into significant changes in operating profit - to the benefit of a business when average costs goes down, and to its loss when average cost goes up. We believe that sustained long-term growth comes when organizations make informed business decisions based on granular pricing and cost analytics. While we work with our clients to build efficient pricing and cost strategies, the majority of our focus is invested in developing the most efficient capabilities and management conviction to implement and sustain the gains.

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Procurement Research
 Procurement Research

For any organization, procurement represents a critical business process. An effective procurement management confirms that all products and services are acquired in a proper way allowing projects and processes to proceed efficiently and successfully. More than just a business necessity, procurement can be regarded as a competitive edge when optimized to save costs, time and resources. An effective procurement strategy can also be utilized for negotiating fruitful production and supplier contracts, executing innovative new processes and play a decisive role in taking a domestic business operation global. Furthermore, an efficient procurement management can also play an essential role in diversification and inclusion by

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Report Store
Report Store

Businesses that remain up to date with the latest market trends carry a significant competitive advantage over their rivals. With report store, we ensure that our clients remain well-aware about their external and internal business environments and take informed business decisions. Our report store utilizes decades of experience in market research to provide you with the latest market analysis, trends, opportunities, threats, market structure, competition and outlook. Our global team of analyts investigate across the globe for trade, industry, company and government data, which is then integrated into reliable sizing models and forecasts for thousands of sectors worldwide.

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What Makes IMARC a Trusted Market Research Partner

Strong Inhouse Expertise

  • Analysts experienced in primary and secondary research processes with a sound domain understanding
  • Statisticians and modeling experts with unmatched expertise in quantitative research and data modeling
  • Strong domain expertise across multiple industry verticals
  • Host of subscribed databases and industry-specific sources
  • Previous forecasts provided by our analysts have been known to closely match current market trends

Client Base

  • We partner with clients from a wide range of industries
  • Existing clientele of 3000+ organizations across the private, public and social sectors
  • Client base extends across Asia, North America, South America, Europe, Australia and Africa
  • Highly satisfied clients, with over 65% of our new business generating from referrals
  • Our association with some of the world's top corporates and institutions is a testimony to the fact that your research work is in the right hands

Network of Experts

  • Strong network of experts across all major industries and geographies
  • Commercial and non-commercial relationships with some of the world’s top research institutes
  • Access to industry experts to validate and complement internal research findings, resulting in higher quality insights and shortened delivery timelines
  • Multilingual capabilities

Customized Solutions

  • Global coverage across various industry verticals
  • Combination of industry surveys, interviews with industry experts and advanced analytical techniques, supported by secondary research
  • 8000+ off-the-shelf industry reports
  • On-demand support from IMARC industry experts
  • Tracking high growth markets across the globe

Our Clients

Client Testimonials

Client feedback means a lot to us, and we ensure that a partnership with IMARC provides our clients the insights needed to make informed decisions. Read our testimonials and find out what our customers say about our work.
Greenfish S.A.

The IMARC team was very reactive and flexible with regard to our requests. A very good overall experience. We are happy with the work that IMARC has provided, very complete and detailed. It has contributed to our business needs and provided the market visibility that we required

Colruyt Group

We were very happy with the collaboration between IMARC and Colruyt. Not only were your prices competitive, IMARC was also pretty fast in understanding the scope and our needs for this project. Even though it was not an easy task, performing a market research during the COVID-19 pandemic, you were able to get us the necessary information we needed. The IMARC team was very easy to work with and they showed us that it would go the extra mile if we needed anything extra

Hameln Rds

My questions and concerns were answered in a satisfied way. The costs of the services were within our expectations. My overall experience with the IMARC Team was very good.

Zee Media Corp. Ltd.

We would be happy to reach out to IMARC again, if we need Market Research/Consulting/Consumer Research or any associated service. Overall experience was good, and the data points were quite helpful.

TATA Advanced Systems Limited

We would be happy to reach out to IMARC for more market reports in the future. The response from the account sales manager was very good. I appreciate the timely follow ups and post purchase support from the team. My overall experience with IMARC was good.