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Additives are natural or artificial substances, which are added along with other materials to perform specific functions and improve their existing properties. They are utilized in numerous industries across the globe, such as in the F&B sector for extending the shelf life of food products and beverages and enhancing the overall food quality, stability, color and flavor. The escalating demand for convenient and ready-to-eat (RTE) food products is presently fueling the market growth. Besides this, feed additives are utilized in the animal feed industry for preventing diseases and ensuring the optimum health of animals. They also assist in improving the quality of animal-derived food products, which include meat, milk and eggs. Furthermore, additives are also used in the automotive sector for manufacturing lubricant additives that keep the engine safe during all operating conditions.

We, at IMARC Group, offer a comprehensive study of the dynamics of the global additives industry. Reports curated by us provide a complete breakdown of the current market structure, opportunities and trends, feasibility analysis, industry performance, region-specific data, key success and risk factors, and profiles of the major players operating in the industry.