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Plastics, Polymers and Elastomers

With the growing global population, rapid urbanization and increasing foreign investments, plastics, polymers and elastomers are extensively employed in the construction sector for building and renovating houses and commercial buildings. Furthermore, stringent regulations concerning the recyclability of conventional materials, such as metal and wood, are driving the demand for plastics, polymers and elastomers in insulation, pipes, cables, floorings, windows, storage tanks and others. Moreover, as polymer fittings are simple as well as easy to install and enhance the overall aesthetic appeal, their demand is catalyzing worldwide. Also, they are replacing conventional materials in the automotive industry as a decrease in the gross vehicle weight assists in improving the fuel efficiency of the vehicle, thereby minimizing carbon emissions. Extensive research and development (R&D) in the chemical industry and significant investments by governments of various nations in several infrastructural projects are some of the other factors creating a positive outlook for the market.

At IMARC Group, we offer a comprehensive study on the dynamics of the plastics, polymers and elastomers industry. Reports provided by us also offer a complete breakdown of the current market structure, opportunities and trends, along with the detailed analysis, industry performance, region-specific data, feasibility analysis, key success and risk factors, and profiles of the key players operating in the industry.