Top Players in the Ginger Market

Nov 29, 2021

Top Players in the Ginger Market

The global ginger market grew at a CAGR of around 6% during 2015-2020. As per the analysis by IMARC Group, the ginger market is witnessing significant growth as manufacturers are integrating advanced management technologies in production processes, including harvesting, washing, drying, and packaging. They are artificially processing the ginger into paste, oil, and powder forms and marketing it in ventilated fiberboard containers to eliminate the risk of damaging the rhizomes, thereby extending the product shelf-life. These products are later utilized in pharmaceutical drugs, personal care products, ayurvedic medicines, and food and beverages as flavor enhancers, carminative ingredients, and anti-bacterial, antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory compounds. Additionally, key players are incorporating good agricultural practices (GAP), such as using high quality seeds, educating the farmers regarding efficient nutrient management and crop diseases, employing biocontrol agents and phytosanitation for the removal of pests, and developing strategies on plant pathology. This is further aiding vendors in improving the quality and quantity of the crop yield. In addition to this, vendors are applying nuclear techniques to curb the Ginger Rhizome Rot (GRR) infestation in crops and enhance the production of different varieties of ginger. For instance, in Jamaica, the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), in collaboration with the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United States (FAO), is trying to develop new ginger varieties from irradiated plant material in tissue culture with inbuilt tolerance to pathogens during crop growth. This, in turn, is positively influencing the market growth. Looking forward, the market is expected to exhibit moderate growth during 2021-2026.

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List of Top Ginger Companies in the World:

Archer Daniels Midland Company  

Establishment: 1902
Headquarter: Illinois, United States

ADM is a multinational food processing and commodities trading corporation that procures, processes, and merchandises agricultural goods worldwide. The company’s operations are organized into three business segments, namely Ag Services and Oilseeds, Carbohydrate Solutions, and Nutrition. It also provides agricultural storage and transportation services for raw materials, such as ginger, oilseeds, corn, wheat, oats, barley, starch, glucose, citric acid, canola, sunflower seeds, and milo. Additionally, the company provides natural flavor ingredients, flavor systems, protein emulsifiers, soluble fibers, and natural health and nutrition products, including probiotics, prebiotics, enzymes, and other specialty feed ingredients for the food and beverage (F&B), nutraceuticals, industrial, and animal feed industries.

Buderim Group Limited

Establishment: 1941
Headquarter: Australia

Buderim Group Limited, now called Health and Plant Protein Group, is a locally owned public company that is one of the largest processors, marketers, and distributors of ginger and macadamias, and ginger-based products. It functions through the Macadamia operations and corporate segments, which involves the production of soft drinks, sweets, dried fruits and nuts, chocolate spreads, and other confectionery products. These products are sold under the Royal Hawaiian Orchards and MacFarms brands worldwide, including Fiji, Hawaii, and the United States.

Floracopeia Inc.

Establishment: 2005
Headquarter: Canada

Floracopeia Inc. offers high-quality wildcrafted and organic botanical products. It is focused on providing grassroot healthcare solutions, such as essential oils, herbs, and flower essences. The raw materials for these products are sourced from small artisan producers and pristine environments, thereby eliminating the incorporation of fillers or adulterants. The company also supports ecological agriculture and promotes traditional plant-based knowledge by uplifting ecologically responsible farmers and practicing sustainable agroforestry.

Guangxi Yongjiang Food Industry Co., Ltd.

Establishment: 2000
Headquarter: China

Guangxi Yongjiang Food Industry Co., Ltd. is a foreign-funded enterprise that is mainly engaged in the production, processing, and export of various agricultural and related products, especially ginger. Its product portfolio is divided into fresh and refrigerated vegetables, salt, spices, and other convenient food, which involves pickled ginger, diced radish, dried ginger, tobacco cinnamon, ginger powder, plum essence, black sugar ginger date paste, star anise, and turmeric powder. These products are exported worldwide, including Japan, South Korea, the United States, South Asia, Canada, Europe, and the Middle East.

Indian Organic Farmers Producer Company Limited (IOFPCL)

Establishment: 2004
Headquarter: India

IOFPCL is one of the largest producers of organic product, which is owned and managed by member farmers. It primarily sells a wide range of products, such as spices, coffee, cocoa, and cashewnuts. The company was incorporated under the Companies Act of 1956 with an aim to curb the challenges faced by farmers in the production and marketing of organic and fairtrade certified products in the domestic and international markets. It involves member farmers to pool their resources, thereby aiding in achieving economic success and expanding their businesses across continents.

Monterey Bay Spice Co.

Establishment: 1997
Headquarter: California, United States

Monterey Bay Spice Co. is a provider of botanicals, teas, herbs, essential oils, spices, and seasonings, such as elderberry, jasmine, ginger, assam tea, Italian seasonings, hibiscus, lavender, and rose. The company sustainably harvests wild crafted plants from their natural habitats, thereby maintaining high organic quality and safety standards. Apart from this, Monterey provides raw materials to small businesses, tea brands, microbreweries, herbalists, and the health and beauty industries through a well-established distribution network and e-commerce platforms.

SA Rawther Spices (P) Ltd.

Establishment: 1960
Headquarter: India

SA Rawther Spices (P) Ltd. is one of India’s leading processors and distributors of whole, blended, and ground spices and coffee. Its wide range of product portfolio includes turmeric, cloves, ginger, nutmeg, curry powder, sesame, coffee, and other dehydrated products. The coffee segment is overlooked by the Rawther’s coffee division, which is responsible for the cultivation, processing, and introduction of new product variants while maintaining international standards.

Sino-Nature International Co. Ltd.

Establishment: 2011
Headquarter: Beijing, China

Sino-Nature International Co. Ltd. is a supplier and processor of Chinese botanical raw materials. Some of its organic product range includes dried ginger, goji berry, Szechuan pepper, dandelion root, licorice, spirulina, rosehip, fennel, blackberry leaves, and green tea gunpowder. The company is focused on providing sustainable supply with confirmed quality, product traceability, and strict quality control through the use of advanced technologies and the development of innovative cultivation projects. Apart from this, all of the company’s products are certified with Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) qualification under development analysis from independent labs.

Sun Impex International Foods LLC

Establishment: 2013
Headquarter: Dubai, UAE

Sun Impex International Foods LLC is a global supplier, processor, and distributor of agro-products, processed fruits, and concentrates. Some of its product offerings include pulses, beans, seeds, grains, cereals, animal feed, oil seeds, fruit pulp puree concentrate, and flavors and aromas. The company is engaged in delivering the finest quality of products by sourcing the ingredients directly from the farmlands and processing zones across the globe. In addition to this, Sun Impex operates through e-commerce platforms to provide personalized services, online delivery, and special offers to its consumers.

The Ginger People Co.

Establishment: 2001

The Ginger People Co. is a family-owned and operated company that is engaged in the production and supply of finest range of ginger ingredients and packaged goods, such as ginger candy, turmeric latte, ginger drinks, and ginger shots. It works with a network of retailers and sources ingredients from premium growers across the globe, including China, Fiji, Indonesia, and Peru, to formulate innovative ginger products. Other than this, the company has set up their manufacturing facilities near cultivation farms in an effort to reduce the carbon footprint.


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