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Seminar on Country Entry Strategies by IMARC Group: A Platform to Exhibit Different Ways of Foraying into a Foreign Market

Published on Jul 18, 2019

Globalization has introduced endless opportunities for both new entrants and established organizations to develop their businesses around the world. It has also resulted in the expansion as well as the diversification of numerous markets. Various companies worldwide are willing to modify their existing strategies and incorporating new policies to step into foreign economies. This can be accredited to the changes in communication and technology as well as modifications in trading reforms and business regulations. In line with this, several established players are actively investing in different marketing campaigns and expansion strategies to cater to their customers at an international level.

An organization can pave way to the foreign market and create a niche for itself by including strategies which are best suited to its business model. It may choose from the widely preferred country entry strategies such as collaboration, acquisition, joint venture piggybacking and turnkey projects to enter unexplored territories. Some of the factors that may determine the choice and aid in boosting the overall profitability include tariff rates, marketing expenses and transportation costs. For instance, a firm may opt for direct exporting or acquire an overseas organization based on the nature of its business and capital investment.

We, at IMARC Group, assist our clients in making the right and informed choice in progressing by delivering necessary information and offering customized services for seeking overseas opportunities. Our team of industry experts provides clients with a detailed understanding of the present market scenario along with potential threats in the local as well as the global industry. We also help clients in making the best investment decisions and managing taxation and financial issues concerning market entry and business expansion.

Our market approach includes a detailed assessment of:

  • Competitors
  • Entry Barriers
  • Future Opportunities
  • Current Business Scenario
  • Government Regulations Prevalent in the Country

Our analysis on country entry relies on primary and secondary as well as qualitative and quantitative research to ensure that the foundation of market intelligence is precise and completely reliable. In order to identify and validate market research in a detailed manner, we also conduct numerous surveys and regular in-depth interviews with major industry participants.

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