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Customer Satisfaction Survey

Customer satisfaction surveys are conducted for determining if a deliverable has lagged, met or exceeded customers’ expectations. They help in identifying unmet customer needs and missed opportunities for business growth while focusing on general demographics of a potential or existing customer group, such as income level, gender and age.

The customer satisfaction surveys offered by IMARC Group are easy to understand, credible and generate actionable reports. These surveys provide data that can be used to analyze customer experience statistically. They help organizations create and maintain long-term brand loyalty among their customers.

Our survey systems aim to understand the expectations and requirements of the customers, to develop a product or service, to study emerging trends, and to establish standards and priorities for measuring goals. Gathering customer feedback on existing products and services provides our clients with the insight to drive future decisions, resulting in a truly customer orientated business.

We conduct surveys for:

  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Supplier Satisfaction
  • Distribution Satisfaction
  • Image Assessment
  • Service Benchmarking
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