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Data Modeling and Forecasting

Minimizing blind guess work  in your decisions, IMARC’s Business and Forecasting Models can serve as critical tools for the evaluation of major transactions and projects. These models have played a major role in assisting our clients in planning, budgeting and monitoring their business performance.

Data Modeling Services:
IMARC Group’s Data Modeling Services include:

  • Buisness Dashboards
  • Cost Models
  • Financial Models
  • Scenario Planning Tools
  • Pricing Models
  • Forecasting Models 


Forecasting Services:

IMARC Provides Microsoft Excel based models  for both new and in-market product forecasting:

New Product Forecasting: Forecasting a new-product can be regarded as ‘amongst the most complex and decisive management responsibilities’. New product forecasting has attracted significant attention as a result of the enormity of the resources dedicated to drug development and because of the significant risks associated in making the go–no-go decisions. If we compare new product forecasting with forecasting sales for established products, there is no time series data, or more commonly, the management has no product specific experience related to physician acceptance, reimbursement and competitive reactions. Thus, the development and introduction of a new product is an inherently risky venture.

IMARC’s in-product forecasting models represent extremely robust tools  that utilize comprehensive qualitative and quantitative methodologies, along with therapeutic proficiency, to identify, estimate and project key events affecting the market.

IMARC uses Microsoft Excel based patient models to build 10-15 year forecasts. Our models contain input data, forecast data, all assumptions, events, uptake and erosion curves along with tables and charts. Unlike our competitors we don’t use simple bench mark curves as we believe that uptake and erosion rates cannot have a bench mark. All our forecasts use analogue curves specific to the particular therapy area and country.                     


IMARC’s Interactive Forecast Models allow you to:

1.  Analyze IMARC’s projections to confirm and supplement your internal forecasts
2.  Edit and adjust IMARC’s Forecasts with your own assumptions
3.  Input your own historical data to create a different baseline
4.  Change the weights of existing events and add your own events


In-Market Product Forecasting: IMARC’s In-market forecasts are conducted for products already introduced into the market having a significant time series data. The initial baseline forecasts are generated by IMARC’s proven forecast model with the most updated market data.

After an initial baseline forecast, all future events and assumptions are based on extensive primary and secondary research along with information from IMARC’s proprietary databases. Information is gathered from our internal databases and all key stakeholders in the industry to take account of unprecedented events that otherwise cannot be normally captured.        

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