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Social and Rural Research

Social research is crucial for gathering relevant and accurate information about the prevalent social scenario of a region. Social sciences have long formed an essential part of market research and have been vital for understanding consumer behavior. Some of the commonly analyzed aspects of social research include demographics such as age, income, education and employment level.

On the other hand, rural research relies on documenting the developments in rural society to study the market scope. Rural development is a comprehensive term which focuses on improving the quality of life in villages. It not only aims at economic growth but also targets education, health care as well as water supply and sanitation.

Rural India is the core of Indian society and represents the actual state of the country. Villages in India offer vast opportunities for the expansion of the rural market base. Indian Government has launched several initiatives like the Seventh Five-Year Plan which have led to a rise in literacy levels, disposable incomes and rural infrastructure.

We, at IMARC Group, strive to serve our clients by offering fact-based research about the current social dynamics in India. We specialize in providing comprehensive strategic analysis of the latest developments and market scenarios of rural areas. The detailed insights by our team of highly qualified research analysts help our clients in making well-informed investment decisions.

Some of the services offered by us include:

  • Baseline Study
  • Impact Assessment
  • Social Marketing
  • CSR Project Configuration
  • Monitoring and Evaluation
  • Market Sizing
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