Top Companies in the Genomics Market


Top Companies in the Genomics Market

The global genomics market reached US$ 25.11 Billion in 2021. Genomics refers to the study of the structure, function, mapping, and evolution of genomes containing genes, non-coding DNA, chloroplast, and mitochondrial DNA. It offers diagnostic and predictive insights that assist healthcare professionals in researching and finalizing treatment solutions for various diseases, including Alzheimer’s, diabetes, and cancer. It also aids in diagnostics, drug discovery, the development of precision medicine, and agricultural research. As a result, genomics finds extensive applications across hospitals, private clinics, diagnostics, and research centers in analyzing biological systems and solving complex genetic problems.

As per the analysis by IMARC Group, the top companies in the genomics industry are focusing on the development of novel genome technologies. They are also integrating genomics-based apps and tests to identify DNA alterations. In addition, the leading players are introducing innovative reagents for rapid, robust, and sensitive DNA and RNA amplification in the field without specialized thermocycling equipment to obtain faster results. They are also investing heavily in research and development (R&D) in genomics to understand rare diseases and aid drug discovery. Besides this, the launch of microarrays and DNA technologies backed by genomics is attracting extensive funding from government and private agencies. Other factors, including the advent of next-generation sequencing technology, improving medical infrastructure and diagnostic technologies, and ongoing strategic collaborations among key players, are also propelling the market growth. Looking forward, IMARC Group expects the market value to reach US$ 60.26 Billion by 2027, growing at a CAGR of 15.54% during 2022-2027.

Top Companies Operating in the Global Genomics Market

1. 23andMe, Inc.

Establishment: 2006
Headquarters: California, the United States

23andMe, Inc. is a leading consumer genetics and research company that offers DNA testing with the most comprehensive ancestry breakdown and personalized health insights. It aims to help people access, understand, and benefit from the human genome. It has also pioneered direct access to genetic information as the only company with multiple FDA authorizations for genetic health risk reports.

2. Agilent Technologies, Inc.

Establishment: 1999
Headquarters: California, the United States

Agilent Technologies, Inc. is a world leader in life sciences, diagnostics, and applied markets. The company offers instruments, services, consumables, applications, and expertise to laboratories. It focuses its expertise on six key markets, including food, environmental and forensics, pharmaceutical, diagnostics, chemical and energy, and research. It offers a wide range of high-quality workflow solutions for various genomics applications, such as cancer genomics, inherited disease, and infectious disease, for translational research. With around 18,000 employees worldwide, Agilent delivers high-quality solutions to its customers in over 110 countries.

3. Bayer Aktiengesellschaft

Establishment: 1863
Headquarters: North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany

Bayer Aktiengesellschaft is a multinational company with core competencies in the life science areas of health and nutrition. The Group operates through three main divisions: Pharmaceuticals, Consumer Health, and Crop Science. The Pharmaceuticals segment focuses on prescription products, especially in the area of cardiovascular and women’s health, and on genomic testing and specialty therapeutics in oncology, hematology, and ophthalmology. On the other hand, the Consumer Health division offers over-the-counter (OTC) products related to dermatology, nutritional supplement, pain, gastrointestinal, cold, and allergy. Under the Crop Science unit, the company provides high-quality seeds, innovative crop protection solutions, and comprehensive customer service for sustainable agriculture.

4. BGI Genomics Co. Ltd.

Establishment: 1999
Headquarters: Shenzhen, China

BGI Genomics Co. Ltd. is a leading integrated solutions provider of precision medicine, genetic tests, and sequencing services. It offers integrated genomic sequencing and proteomic services and solutions across various applications, including basic and translational research, drug discovery, agriculture, and health care. It mainly serves academic institutions, pharmaceutical companies, healthcare providers, and other organizations. Currently, the company operates an extensive network of service laboratories in China, Hong Kong, the US, and Europe.

5. Bio-Rad Laboratories, Inc.

Establishment: 1952
Headquarters: California, the United States

Bio-Rad Laboratories, Inc. is a global leader in developing, manufacturing, and marketing life science research products, clinical diagnostics, and analytical instruments. The company mainly operates through two segments: Life Science and Clinical Diagnostics. The life science division includes reagents, apparatus, and laboratory instruments used in research techniques, biopharmaceutical production processes, and food testing regimes. On the other hand, its clinical diagnostics segment includes designing, manufacturing, selling, and supporting test systems, informatics systems, test kits, and specialized quality controls that serve clinical laboratories. Its diverse product portfolio comprises genomics, next-generation sequencing, immunohematology, ion exchange resins, chromatography resin screening tools, veterinary diagnostics, and food safety testing. 

6. Danaher Corporation

Establishment: 1984
Headquarters: Washington, the United States

Danaher Corporation designs, manufactures, and markets medical, professional, commercial, and industrial products and services. The company primarily operates through three segments: Life Sciences, Diagnostics, and Environmental and applied solutions. Its life sciences segment provides a range of research tools that scientists utilize to study the basic building blocks of life, such as genes, proteins, cells, and metabolites, to understand the causes of disease, identify treatments, and test new drugs and vaccines. While the Diagnostics division offers analytical instruments, reagents, consumables, software, and services, the Environmental & Applied Solutions unit comprises various lines of business, including water quality and product identification. Through its Life Sciences and Diagnostics companies, Danaher Corporation is committed to transforming and accelerating cures with genomic medicine.

7. Illumina Inc.

Establishment: 1998
Headquarters: California, the United States

Illumina Inc. is a leading developer, producer, and marketer of life science tools and integrated systems for large-scale genetic variation and function analysis. It offers a comprehensive line of products to address the scale of experimentation and functional analysis to advance disease research, drug development, and the development of molecular tests. Its diverse portfolio of leading-edge sequencing and array-based solutions addresses a broad range of genomic complexity and throughput, allowing researchers to select the best solution for their scientific challenge. The company mainly serves academic, government, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and other leading institutions across the globe. 

8. Oxford Nanopore Technologies plc

Establishment: 2005
Headquarters: Oxford, the United Kingdom

Oxford Nanopore Technologies plc is a UK-based biotechnology research company that aims to disrupt the way biological analyses are currently performed. It has developed the world’s first and only nanopore DNA and RNA sequencing platform. It is a next-generation sequencing technology that offers real-time data delivery, scalability to portable or ultra-high-throughput formats, and the ability to elucidate rich biological data. Presently, the company has over 1400 patents and patent applications across 200 patent families.

9. PerkinElmer Inc.

Establishment: 1937
Headquarters: Massachusetts, the United States

PerkinElmer Inc. is a global provider of end-to-end solutions that help scientists, researchers, and clinicians better diagnose diseases, discover new and more personalized drugs, monitor food safety and quality, and drive environmental and applied analysis excellence. The company’s comprehensive portfolio mainly serves four market segments, including diagnostics, life sciences, food, and applied markets. Some of its products include genetic and genomic testing services, rapid patient testing, chromatography, food quality analyzers, liquid handlers, informatics, drug discovery reagents, molecular biology, and target sequencing. With more than 16,000 employees, the company has a worldwide presence in around 190 countries. 

10. Myriad Genetics Inc.

Establishment: 1991
Headquarters: Utah, the United States

Myriad Genetics Inc. is a leading genetic testing and precision medicine company. It discovers and commercializes genetic tests that determine the risk of developing diseases, analyze the risk of disease progression, and guide treatment decisions across medical specialties where crucial genetic insights can significantly enhance patient care and reduce healthcare costs. The company is focusing on expanding internationally to broaden its geographic footprint and offer life-saving products and services to patients and healthcare professionals worldwide.

11. Roche Holding AG

Establishment: 1896
Headquarters: Basel, Switzerland

Roche Holding AG is one of the largest biotech companies in the world. It is also a leading provider of in-vitro diagnostics and a global supplier of transformative, innovative solutions across major disease areas. The company develops innovative solutions for various chronic and life-threatening health conditions to revolutionize healthcare. In May 2020, Roche acquired Stratos Genomics, an early-stage sequencing technology company, to advance the development of Roche’s nanopore sequencer and DNA-based sequencing for diagnostic use. The company is dedicated to creating novel diagnostics for the most challenging clinical conditions with techniques tailored to individual genetic and disease profiles.

12. Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc.

Establishment: 1956
Headquarters: Massachusetts, the United States

Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc. is a world leader in biotechnology research that operates through four segments: Life Sciences Solutions, Analytical Instruments, Specialty Diagnostics, and Laboratory Products and Services. Its Life Sciences Solutions segment offers a portfolio of reagents, instruments, genome editing solutions, and consumables used in biological and medical research, discovery, and development of new drugs and vaccines. The analytical instruments division provides a broad range of instruments, consumables, software, and services for various applications in the laboratory. While its Specialty Diagnostics segment offers diagnostic test kits, reagents, culture media, instruments, and associated products, the Laboratory Products and Services segment provides products and solutions for the laboratory.

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