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Top Aloe Vera Gel Companies Around the World

The leading aloe vera gel manufacturers are focusing on the marketing of their products to improve sales and expand their existing consumer base. The growing demand for aloe vera based products is also increasing due to the rising prevalence of lifestyle diseases and the increasing health consciousness among individuals. Apart from this, with the inflating income levels and the growing awareness about organic ingredients, there is a significant rise in the demand for personal care products, such as facial moisturizers, face washes and sunscreens, with aloe vera gel as it assists in treating mild wounds and calming skin inflammation. According to IMARC Group, the global aloe vera gel market size reached US$ 204.1 Million in 2019. By 2025, the market value is projected to reach US$ 332.9 Billion, at a projected CAGR of around 8.50% during 2020-2025.

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Aloe Vera Gel Market Companies:

Aloecorp, Inc.

Establishment: 1988

Headquarters: United States

Website: https://aloecorp.com/

Aloecorp, Inc. manufactures and processes aloe vera ingredients to offer gel, whole leaf, cosmetics, and juice. The company is engaged in sustainable farming, state-of-the-art manufacturing and advanced scientific research to serve customers worldwide. Aloe vera is grown without the use of pesticides, herbicides or other harmful chemicals in their farms. It is then processed and developed into different end use products in the research laboratories.

Aloe Laboratories, Inc.

Establishment: 1996

Headquarters: United States

Website: https://aloelabs.com/

Aloe Laboratories, Inc. offers soft drinks, topical gels, capsules, powder and other aloe vera raw materials to clients in the United States.

Forever Living Products International, Inc.

Establishment: 1978

Headquarters: Arizona, United States

Website: https://foreverliving.com/

Forever Living Products International Inc. represents Arizona's largest privately held company and one of the largest direct marketers worldwide. The 20-year-old firm has millions of representatives in North and South America, Europe, Africa, Asia, and Australia. Its product line includes aloe vera-based drinks, lotions, cosmetics, supplements and detergents.

Foodchem International Corporation

Establishment: 2006

Headquarters: Shanghai, China

Website: https://www.foodchem.cn/

Foodchem International Corporation specializes in the manufacturing and supplying of fine chemicals. The company is a supplier of high-quality food additives, feed additives and other ingredients. The company offers over 200 types of products, including food additives, feed additives, active pharmaceutical ingredients and industrial fine chemicals.

Herbalife International of America, Inc.

Establishment: 1980

Headquarters: California, United States

Website: https://www.herbalife.com/

Herbalife International, Inc. sells and distributes a broad spectrum of more than 150 herb- and botanicals-based cosmetics, general health and nutrition products, and weight management and dieting products through a network of one million independent distributors in 50 countries.

Lily of the Desert

Establishment: 1971

Headquarters: Texas, United States

Website: https://lilyofthedesert.com/

Lily of the Desert is a family-owned business firm engaged in the production and distribution of nutritional products and supplements. The company owns the organic aloe vera farms and processing facilities to manufacture unique aloe vera products. Its aloe vera is grown and processed in the Rio Grande Valley of Texas and the desert of Mexico.

Pharmachem Laboratories, Inc. (Ashland LLC)

Establishment: 1979

Headquarters: Kearny, United States

Website: https://www.ashland.com/

Pharmachem Laboratories, Inc. (Ashland LLC) operates as a specialty chemical company that offers adhesives, acrylates, cellulosic, emulsifiers, hydrogels, lamellar gels, phosphate esters, specialty additives, film coating systems, and other related products.

Terry Laboratories, Inc.

Establishment: 1973

Headquarters: Florida, United States

Website: https://www.terrylabs.com/

Terry Laboratories, Inc. is a venture capital and private equity company. The company is the world’s oldest, largest and most trusted manufacturer of Aloe Vera extracts and concentrates.

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