Europe Gaming Market Report by Device Types (Consoles, Mobiles and Tablets, Computer), Platforms (Online, Offline), Revenue Types (In-Game Purchase, Game Purchase, Advertising), Types (Adventure/Role Playing Games, Puzzles, Social Games, Strategy, Simulation, and Others), Age Group (Adult, Children), and Country 2024-2032

Europe Gaming Market Report by Device Types (Consoles, Mobiles and Tablets, Computer), Platforms (Online, Offline), Revenue Types (In-Game Purchase, Game Purchase, Advertising), Types (Adventure/Role Playing Games, Puzzles, Social Games, Strategy, Simulation, and Others), Age Group (Adult, Children), and Country 2024-2032

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Europe Gaming Market Size:

The Europe gaming market size is expected to exhibit a growth rate (CAGR) of 8.5% during 2024-2032. The market is primarily driven by the surge in smartphone usage, the immense popularity of eSports, the expanding video gaming sector, and cutting-edge technological developments like cloud gaming and VR, which are positioning Europe as a formidable player in the gaming industry.

Report Attribute 
Key Statistics
Base Year
Forecast Years
Historical Years
Market Growth Rate 2024-2032 8.5%

Europe Gaming Market Analysis:

  • Major Market Drivers: The gaming audience is growing, particularly among younger demographics, due to technological breakthroughs such as virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR), as well as the advent of mobile gaming.
  • Key Market Trends: Cross-platform gaming is gaining immense popularity, allowing users to easily move between devices and play with friends on any platform. Furthermore, the rise of cloud gaming services is transforming the way games are played and disseminated, allowing players to stream high-quality games without the need for expensive gear.
  • Competitive Landscape: Some established gaming players are increasing their competition by releasing exclusive titles and using cutting-edge gear. Also, mobile gaming is illustrious by a large number of developers and publishers, with some corporations dominating the industry with successful games and elaborate monetization techniques across Europe.
  • Challenges and Opportunities: The gaming industry is under increased scrutiny for problems of diversity, inclusion, and representation, which presents obstacles and opportunities for businesses that promote diversity in their content and staff. On the other hand, moving into rising European regions such as Eastern Europe and the Balkans provides enormous growth prospects for enterprises prepared to localize their content and marketing methods.

Europe Gaming Market Trends:

Increasing Internet Penetration and Advancement

The Eurostat estimates a significant increase in internet availability across Europe, from 67% in 2010 to 91% in 2023. According to the Europe Telecommunications Network Operators' Association (ETNO), Europe's 5G coverage will reach 80% of the population in 2023, up from 73% the previous year. This spike in connectivity has enormous implications for the gaming industry. This increase in connection has far-reaching repercussions for the game business. Furthermore, with the ease of access, gamers may quickly participate in multiplayer modes, download digital material, and join online communities, which stimulates gaming industry development by increasing the potential audience base and promoting long-term involvement throughout the European gaming market.

Significant Expansion in the Video Game Sector

The video game business in Europe is increasing owing to rising internet usage and simple access to online gaming platforms. According to the Spanish Presidency Council of the European Union, the EU will become a big participant in the video gaming business in 2022, which was expected to be worth €23.48 billion. Also, Spain ranks fifth among EU member states and thirteenth globally while the video game business in Spain estimated an annual turnover of €1,281 million in 2021, with a 15% growth rate predicted between 2021 and 2025, according to the Spanish White Paper on Video Game Development 2022. Besides, an estimated 4,600 businesses in the EU actively participate in the video game industry, contributing to its continued expansion. In 2022, the sector's total revenues reached €179 billion, contributing to market growth. Aside from that, government support, such as the UK's Video Games Tax Relief, promotes game development and adds to Europe's expanding importance in the gaming industry.

Growing Popularity of E-Sports

The growing popularity of e-sports is driving the European gaming market. According to European Grassroots Esports, the e-sports fan base is expected to reach 640 Million by 2025. Besides, Cologne 2023 attracted 320,000 people, 50% being German. Also, 58% of people aged 6 to 69 in Germany participate in gaming activities. In Europe, there are presently 92 million Esports watchers aged 11 to 50. This spike in audience participation has resulted in large investments in e-sports infrastructure, television rights, and sponsorship agreements, accelerating the industry's commercialization and mainstream appeal. The growth of professional gaming leagues and teams has offered lucrative possibilities for players, coaches, and organizers, resulting in a robust competitive gaming environment.

Europe Gaming Market Segmentation:

IMARC Group provides an analysis of the key trends in each segment of the market, along with forecasts at the regional and country levels for 2024-2032. Our report has categorized the market based on device type, platform, revenue type, type, and age group.

Breakup by Device Type:

Europe Gaming Market Report

  • Consoles
  • Mobiles and Tablets 
  • Computer

The report has provided a detailed breakup and analysis of the market based on the device type. This includes consoles, mobiles and tablets, and computer.

Console gaming provides high-quality visuals, immersive experiences, and exclusive games, attracting devoted players looking for premium gaming options. Furthermore, with the release of next-generation consoles with sophisticated capabilities like as ray tracing and high frame rates, the industry continues to witness significant demand for console gaming, particularly among enthusiasts and hardcore gamers who value performance and fidelity in their gameplay.

Mobile and tablet gaming is immensely popular among smartphone and tablet users of all ages. Mobile gaming provides ease, accessibility, and a wide variety of gaming experiences, including simple puzzle games and competitive multiplayer titles. Furthermore, with the widespread availability of powerful mobile hardware and high-speed internet connectivity, European gamers are increasingly turning to their mobile devices for on-the-go gaming, driving revenue growth in the mobile gaming market and attracting casual and hardcore gamers from all over the region.

Computers are still a thriving and diversified ecosystem, comprising numerous gaming fans, from casual players to serious PC gamers. PC gaming provides unrivaled customization, higher visuals, and a wide library of games via digital distribution systems such as Steam and Epic Games Store. Also, as esports and streaming culture gain traction, European gamers are investing in high-performance gaming machines to compete and generate content. Besides, the modding community and independent game scene thrive in the European PC gaming sector, creating chances for innovation and creativity.

Breakup by Platform:

  • Online
  • Offline

A detailed breakup and analysis of the market based on the platform have also been provided in the report. This includes online and offline.

Online gaming includes multiplayer online games, browser-based games, and mobile games that require internet access. It thrives on social networking, competitive gaming, and digital distribution platforms. Furthermore, players may connect with both friends and strangers, forming communities and virtual economies within games. Furthermore, online gaming is convenient and accessible, allowing players to connect from a variety of devices and locations. Monetization strategies usually include in-game purchases, subscriptions, and advertising, which create revenue for developers and publishers.

Offline gaming refers to games that are played without an internet connection, such as single-player console games, PC games, and mobile games created specifically for offline play. Additionally, offline gaming experiences prioritize deep storyline, exploration, and strategic gameplay. Furthermore, users may enjoy uninterrupted gaming sessions without requiring internet access. While offline gaming loses the communal components of online play, it allows for more immersion and personal satisfaction. Monetization tactics often include initial game purchases, downloadable content (DLC), and expansion packs, appealing to users who want comprehensive gaming experiences without continual online interaction.

Breakup by Revenue Type:

  • In-Game Purchase
  • Game Purchase
  • Advertising

The report has provided a detailed breakup and analysis of the market based on the revenue type. This includes in-game purchase, game purchase, and advertising.

In-game purchases constitute a significant portion of the Europe gaming market revenue due to microtransactions for virtual goods, Downloadable Content (DLCs), and loot boxes. It thrives on the freemium model, where games are free to play but offer enticing in-game items or advantages for purchase. Additionally, mobile gaming heavily relies on in-game purchases, leveraging impulse buying and addictive gameplay mechanics to generate revenue. Furthermore, game developers continuously introduce new content and limited-time offers to incentivize players to spend money within the game environment, driving consistent revenue streams.

Game purchases primarily encompass revenue generated from the sale of full game titles across various platforms, including consoles, PCs, and mobile. It relies on upfront payments from consumers to acquire the game. Major releases often command premium prices, especially for AAA titles, while indie games may offer lower price points to attract a wider audience. While digital distribution platforms have streamlined the purchasing process, physical copies still hold a significant share, particularly for console gaming.

Besides this, advertising within the gaming market involves generating revenue through advertisements integrated into gaming experiences. It includes banner ads, sponsored content, product placements, and video ads displayed during loading screens or as part of gameplay. Moreover, mobile gaming platforms rely on advertising as a revenue stream, offering free games to players while monetizing through ad impressions and clicks. Advertisers leverage the engaged and captive audience of gamers to promote products and services, targeting specific demographics based on player interests and behaviors.

Breakup by Type:

  • Adventure/Role Playing Games
  • Puzzles
  • Social Games
  • Strategy
  • Simulation
  • Others

A detailed breakup and analysis of the market based on the type have also been provided in the report. This includes adventure/role-playing games, puzzles, social games, strategy, simulation, and others.

Adventure and RPG games immerse players in rich, narrative-driven experiences where they control characters and explore vast worlds. These games often involve completing quests, leveling up characters, and making impactful choices that shape the storyline. Additionally, popular titles like the Witcher series and Skyrim exemplify the appeal of this genre, offering deep gameplay mechanics and engaging narratives that captivate players for hours on end.

Puzzle games challenge players' problem-solving skills and mental agility through a variety of brainteasers and challenges from traditional puzzle formats like crosswords and Sudoku to innovative indie titles like Monument Valley and Portal. They offer a diverse range of experiences that cater to casual and hardcore gamers. Along with this, with their easy accessibility and often addictive gameplay loops, puzzle games are appealing to a broad audience across different demographics, thus influencing the Europe gaming market share.

Social games leverage online connectivity to facilitate interaction and cooperation among players, often through social media platforms or dedicated gaming communities. These games encompass a wide range of genres, from casual farming sims like FarmVille to competitive multiplayer titles like Fortnite and Among Us. Moreover, social games thrive on the sense of camaraderie and competition they foster, encouraging players to connect with friends and strangers alike in pursuit of shared goals or victories, thus changing Europe gaming market outlook.

Strategy games challenge players to think critically and plan strategically as they navigate complex scenarios and outmaneuver opponents. From real-time strategy (RTS) classics like StarCraft to turn-based tactics games like XCOM, the strategy genre offers a diverse array of experiences that cater to different playstyles and preferences. With their emphasis on tactical decision-making and long-term planning, strategy games appeal to gamers who enjoy intellectually stimulating gameplay and the satisfaction of outsmarting their opponents.

Simulation games simulate real-world activities or environments, allowing players to engage in virtual experiences that mimic aspects of reality. From life simulation games like The Sims to city-building simulations like SimCity, this genre offers players the opportunity to explore and experiment with different scenarios and systems. Simulation games appeal to a wide range of players, from those seeking escapism to others who enjoy the challenge of mastering complex simulations and achieving virtual success.

Breakup by Age Group:

  • Adult
  • Children

The report has provided a detailed breakup and analysis of the market based on the age group. This includes adults and children.

The adult gaming market comprises individuals typically aged 18 and above who are looking for immersive and complex gaming experiences. They often seek games with mature themes, intricate narratives, and sophisticated gameplay mechanics. Genres like action, role-playing, and simulation games are popular within this segment. Adults often have more disposable income, allowing them to invest in high-end gaming hardware and accessories. Additionally, multiplayer and online gaming communities play a significant role in engaging adult gamers, providing social interaction and competitive challenges.

The children's gaming includes individuals under the age of 18, catering to their specific needs and preferences. Games in this segment often feature colorful visuals, simple gameplay mechanics, and age-appropriate content. Educational games are particularly popular, and entertaining while also fostering learning and development. Children are drawn to characters from popular media franchises, such as cartoons and movies, making licensed games a staple within this segment. Accessibility is key, with games available on various platforms, including consoles, PCs, and mobile devices, to accommodate different preferences and parental controls.

Breakup by Country:

  • Germany
  • France
  • United Kingdom
  • Italy
  • Spain
  • Others

The report has also provided a comprehensive analysis of all the major markets in the country, which include Germany, France, the United Kingdom, Italy, Spain, and others. 

Germany boasts one of the largest gaming markets in Europe due to its tech-savvy population and strong gaming culture. PC gaming is particularly popular, with a significant presence in esports tournaments and gaming events. Mobile gaming is also on the rise, especially among younger demographics. The country's robust economy and high disposable income levels contribute to substantial spending on gaming hardware and software. German gamers prioritize quality and immersive experiences, leading to a preference for AAA titles and cutting-edge technology.

France is characterized by a diverse gaming community with a penchant for creativity and innovation. Console gaming holds a prominent position, fueled by the popularity of gaming consoles like PlayStation and Xbox. The country's rich cultural heritage influences gaming preferences, with a growing interest in narrative-driven and indie games. Esports is gaining traction, with French players excelling in various competitive titles. Additionally, the French government's support for the gaming industry through funding and tax incentives fosters growth and innovation within the sector.

The United Kingdom has a dynamic gaming market driven by a large and diverse player base. Console gaming remains popular, with a strong presence of both casual and hardcore gamers. The UK's vibrant indie game development scene contributes to a steady stream of innovative and experimental titles. Esports is experiencing rapid growth, with the country hosting major tournaments and events. Moreover, the prevalence of digital distribution platforms and subscription services reflects a shift towards online and cloud-based gaming experiences among British gamers.

Italy reflects a blend of traditional and modern gaming preferences. Console gaming enjoys widespread popularity, particularly among younger demographics, with PlayStation consoles being the preferred choice. Mobile gaming is also on the rise, driven by the widespread use of smartphones and tablets. Italian gamers appreciate immersive storytelling and social gaming experiences, leading to a growing interest in narrative-driven and multiplayer games. Furthermore, the cultural significance of gaming as a form of entertainment fosters a supportive environment for the industry's growth and development.

Spain is characterized by a vibrant and enthusiastic gaming community. Console gaming is prominent, with a preference for multiplayer and cooperative gameplay experiences. Spanish gamers also embrace mobile gaming, with casual and social games being particularly popular. The country's growing esports scene attracts both players and spectators, with a focus on competitive gaming events and tournaments. Additionally, Spain's increasing digital infrastructure and connectivity contribute to the rising popularity of online multiplayer games and digital distribution platforms within the market.

Competitive Landscape:

  • The Europe gaming market research report has also provided a comprehensive analysis of the competitive landscape in the market. Detailed profiles of all major companies have been provided. 
  • Europe gaming market companies are implementing several strategies to strengthen market growth. They are investing heavily in research and development to innovate and deliver cutting-edge gaming experiences across platforms. They are also expanding their reach through strategic partnerships and acquisitions to access new markets and diversify their offerings. Moreover, key players are enhancing user engagement and retention through community-building initiatives, live events, and exclusive content is another focus area. Additionally, these companies are leveraging data analytics and artificial intelligence to personalize gaming experiences and optimize monetization strategies. By continuously evolving and adapting to changing consumer preferences and technological advancements, they aim to drive sustained growth in the gaming market.

Europe Gaming Market Report Scope:

Report Features Details
Base Year of the Analysis 2023
Historical Period 2018-2023
Forecast Period 2024-2032
Units US$ Billion
Scope of the Report Exploration of Historical Trends and Market Outlook, Industry Catalysts and Challenges, Segment-Wise Historical and Future Market Assessment: 
  • Device Type
  • Platform
  • Revenue Type
  • Type
  • Age Group
  • Country
Device Types Covered Consoles, Mobiles and Tablets, Computer 
Platforms Covered Online, Offline
Revenue Types Covered In-Game Purchase, Game Purchase, Advertising
Types Covered Adventure/Role Playing Games, Puzzles, Social Games, Strategy, Simulation, Others
Age Groups Covered Adult, Children
Countries Covered Germany, France, United Kingdom, Italy, Spain, Others
Customization Scope 10% Free Customization
Report Price and Purchase Option Single User License: US$ 3699
Five User License: US$ 4699
Corporate License: US$ 5699
Post-Sale Analyst Support 10-12 Weeks
Delivery Format PDF and Excel through Email (We can also provide the editable version of the report in PPT/Word format on special request)

Key Questions Answered in This Report:

  • How has the Europe gaming market performed so far, and how will it perform in the coming years?
  • What are the drivers, restraints, and opportunities in the Europe gaming market?
  • What is the impact of each driver, restraint, and opportunity on the Europe gaming market?
  • What is the breakup of the market based on device type?
  • Which is the most attractive device type in the Europe gaming market?
  • What is the breakup of the market based on the platform?
  • Which is the most attractive platform in the Europe gaming market?
  • What is the breakup of the market based on the revenue type?
  • Which is the most attractive revenue type in the Europe gaming market?
  • What is the breakup of the market based on the type?
  • Which is the most attractive type in the Europe gaming market?
  • What is the breakup of the market based on the age group?
  • Which is the most attractive age group in the Europe gaming market?
  • What is the breakup of the market based on imports and domestic manufacturing?
  • What is the competitive structure of the Europe gaming market?
  • Who are the key players/companies in the Europe gaming market?

Key Benefits for Stakeholders:

  • IMARC’s industry report offers a comprehensive quantitative analysis of various market segments, historical and current market trends, market forecasts, and dynamics of the Europe gaming market from 2018-2032.
  • The research report provides the latest information on the market drivers, challenges, and opportunities in the Europe gaming market.
  • The study maps the leading, as well as the fastest-growing, markets. It further enables stakeholders to identify the key country-level markets within the region.
  • Porter's five forces analysis assists stakeholders in assessing the impact of new entrants, competitive rivalry, supplier power, buyer power, and the threat of substitution. It helps stakeholders to analyze the level of competition within the Europe gaming industry and its attractiveness.
  • The competitive landscape allows stakeholders to understand their competitive environment and provides an insight into the current positions of key players in the market.

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Europe Gaming Market Report by Device Types (Consoles, Mobiles and Tablets, Computer), Platforms (Online, Offline), Revenue Types (In-Game Purchase, Game Purchase, Advertising), Types (Adventure/Role Playing Games, Puzzles, Social Games, Strategy, Simulation, and Others), Age Group (Adult, Children), and Country 2024-2032
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