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Top 12 Folding Bike Companies Across the World

The global folding bike market reached a value of US$ 724.2 Million in 2021. Folding bikes refer to two-wheeled vehicles that fold into a compact size for easy transportation and storage. They offer enhanced performance, speed pickup, maneuverability, gearing, and quicker acceleration. Compared to conventional bicycles, they are more flexible, lightweight, portable, durable, and offer a range of adjustments for seat posts and handlebar stems for accommodating riders. As a result, folding bikes have gained immense popularity as a space-saving solution for commuters and urban riders to fit into congested areas.

As per the analysis by IMARC Group, the top companies in the folding bike industry are making extensive investments in product innovations to improve the overall efficiency and quality of bicycles. They are also utilizing convenient online delivery models and e-distribution channels to expand their product reach and boost sales. In addition, the leading players are launching electric folding bikes and cost-effective product variants in unique designs and colors with enhanced performance and battery life. Besides this, recent improvements in cycling infrastructure, such as the development of separate cycling routes and the implementation of supportive government regulations to ensure the safety of cyclists, are positively influencing the market growth. Moreover, continual technological advancements, surging fuel costs, and ongoing research and development (R&D) activities are some of the other factors creating a favorable market outlook. Looking forward, IMARC Group expects the market value to reach US$ 1,136.6 Million by 2027, growing at a CAGR of 7.30% during the forecast period (2022-2027).

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Best Folding Bike Brands and Companies across the world: 

Bickerton Portables (Mobility Holdings Limited)


Establishment: 1971
Headquarters: Taiwan, China

Bickerton Portables is a leading manufacturer and seller of folding bikes. The company offers a range of folding bikes, such as Argent, Docklands, Junction, Pilot, and Scout. Besides this, it provides various accessories, including London transport bags, bivvy bags, luggage truss, oxford rack, Pembroke basket, Somerville bag, and optimum seat post. Bickerton Portables sells its folding bikes across the Americas, Asia, and Europe.  In 2011, Mark re-launched Bickerton Portables as part of Mobility Holdings Ltd, a privately owned group dedicated to advancing the art and science of cycling.

Bike Friday (Green Gear Cycling Inc.)

Green Gear Cycling

Establishment: 1992
Headquarters: Oregon, the United States

Green Gear Cycling Inc., doing business as Bike Friday, is a global leader in sporting goods manufacturing. The company offers small-wheeled folding bicycles for travel, leisure, commuting, and sports. Its extensive product portfolio includes e-bikes, touring, city, road, tandem, ultralight commuter, cargo, and specialty bikes. It also customizes bikes to fit the size, color, and gearing requirements of customers. Apart from this, Bike Friday provides various parts and spares of bicycles to keep them in good shape. 

Bobbin Bicycles Ltd.

Bobbin Bicycles logo

Establishment: 2007
Headquarters: London, the United Kingdom

Bobbin Bicycles Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of sporting goods and bikes. The company offers a range of kids and adult bikes, folding bikes, and city bikes. It also provides helmets and accessories, such as bags, baskets, bells, water bottles, bike lights, and carriers. In addition to this, Bobbin Bicycles deals in a variety of replacement parts and bike tools. 

Brompton Bicycle Ltd.

Brompton logo

Establishment: 1975
Headquarters: Greater London, the United Kingdom

Brompton Bicycle Ltd. is primarily engaged in designing, manufacturing, and selling bicycles. It offers portable bicycles, folding bikes, electric bikes, and accessories, such as seat posts, bags, saddles, lighting sets, front luggage, rear luggage, and tires. Currently, the company operates 15 Brompton Junction retail stores in London, Paris, New York, Valencia, Melbourne, Tel Aviv, Munich, Beijing, Milan, Hamburg, Shanghai, Singapore, Amsterdam, Tokyo, and Kobe. It sells more than 45,000 bikes in over 44 countries across the globe every year.

Dahon Bike

Dahon Bike logo

Establishment: 1982
Headquarters: Illinois, United States

Dahon Bike is one of the largest manufacturers of folding bicycles in the world. It has a diversified product portfolio of folding bikes, such as urban utility, small-wheeled, full-sized folding, compact, and electric bikes. In addition, it offers various folding bike accessories, including custom racks, lightweight bags, cargo bags, landing gear, double rear pannier bags, bottle cage, backpack, micro bell, pump, saddle bags, and LED lights. The company is committed to creating green mobility solutions for individuals who live active, environmentally friendly lifestyles. With an extensive network of distributors, Dahon sells its bikes in more than 30 countries across the globe. 

Giant Manufacturing Co. Ltd.

Giant Manufacturing logo

Establishment: 1972
Headquarters: Taiwan, China

Giant Manufacturing Co. Ltd. is a global leader in sporting goods manufacturing and designs high-quality bicycles and cycling gear. The company sells a wide range of folding, road, electric, racing, mountain, cross and gravel, and kids bikes. Moreover, it offers various bike gear, rider gear, service gear, and components, such as helmets, jerseys, footwear, headwear, triathlon clothing, bags, racks, bottle cage, lights, computers, pumps, saddles, seat posts, handlebars, tires, and accessories. 

Gocycle (Karbon Kinetics Limited)

Gocycle logo

Establishment: 2002
Headquarters: Chessington, United Kingdom

Karbon Kinetics Limited is a leading global manufacturer that offers premium folding electric bikes under the Gocycle brand name. The company aims to create the world’s best urban electric bikes that are more elegant, ergonomic, and lightweight. It provides various rider-focused electric bikes and a full range of integrated accessories, such as mudguards, lights, integrated lock holsters, panniers, and travel and storage systems. 

Ming Cycle Industrial Co., Ltd.

mingcycle logo

Establishment: 1989
Headquarters: Taiwan, China

Ming Cycle Industrial Co., Ltd. is a leading Taiwanese company engaged in the manufacturing of bicycles. It designs and produces racing, mountain, electric, folding, and children’s bikes. It is a global leader in special contract manufacturing of bicycles and makes bikes for various prominent American and European brands. With over 260 employees in Taiwan, the company manufactures more than 300,000 bicycles every year. Currently, Ming Cycle is developing its own brand and making extensive investments to enter the global market. In 2007, the company bought STRiDA, a famous European brand of folding bicycles.

Montague Corporation

Montague Corporation logo

Establishment: 1987
Headquarters: Massachusetts, the United States

Montague Corporation is a leading global manufacturer of high-performance, full-size folding bikes, and bike components. The company has an extensive product portfolio, comprising a range of mountain bikes, pavement/ multi-use bikes, and electric bikes. It also offers accessories and apparel, such as carrying cases, folding pedals, station wheels, rack stands, replacement frame collars, cycling caps, and t-shirts. 

Pacific Cycles, Inc.

Pacific Cycles

Establishment: 1980
Headquarters: Taiwan, China

Pacific Cycles, Inc. specializes in the designing and manufacturing of high-end bicycles. Renowned for its exceptional folding bikes, the company is focused on niche products instead of mass-produced and mass-marketed products. Its extensive product line includes folding, non-folding, recumbent, tandem, and other specialty bikes, such as adaptive and supportive bicycles designed especially for individuals with disabilities. The company’s research and development (R&D) center focuses on brainstorming new ideas and constantly reviewing and improving product design. Some of its prominent brands include IF Mode, CarryMe, Reach, and Birdy.

Accell Group N.V. (Raleigh UK Ltd.)

Accell Group logo

Establishment: 1998
Headquarters: Friesland, Netherlands

Accell Group, a European market leader, focuses on the mid-range and higher segments of the market for bicycles and bicycle parts and accessories. In 2012, it acquired Raleigh UK Ltd., the oldest manufacturer that stocks a variety of bike types, including road, mountain, kids, and electric bikes. The well-known brands in the company’s diversified product portfolio include Babboe, Batavus, Ghost, Haibike, Koga, Lapierre, Raleigh, Sparta, and Winora. Moreover, XLC is the exclusive brand for bicycle parts and accessories.  

Vilano Bikes

Vilano Bikes

Headquarters: Florida, the United States

Vilano Bikes is a leading outdoor and sporting goods company that manufactures and sells a range of bikes, skates, and accessories. Its extensive product portfolio includes road, mountain, hybrid, folding, and kids bikes, along with stand-up paddle boards, inline skates, ice skates, and cycling shoes. The company mainly sells its products through distributors and online retail channels. 

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