Top Players in the Oleochemicals Market

Nov 24, 2021

Top Players in the Oleochemicals Market

The global oleochemicals market reached a value of US$ 22.5 Billion in 2021. As per the analysis by the IMARC Group, the top manufacturers in the oleochemicals market are benefiting from an increasing demand for sustainable and bio-based chemicals across the oil and gas, food, pharmaceuticals, consumer goods, and personal care industries. This, in turn, has led manufacturers to perform extensive research and development (R&D) activities to engineer cost-effective oleochemicals with higher biodegradability, lower toxicity, and reduced environmental impact. Industry players are also investing to enhance product offerings and performance of the existing solutions through hydrolysis, esterification, transesterification and interesterification. This has resulted in the formulation of biolubricants, bioplastics, green chemicals, and biopolymers, which are currently functioning as a substitute for petroleum. Apart from this, key players are relying heavily on mineral oil and plant and microbial lipids for energy and petrochemical needs, which are serving as a renewable source of high-value fatty acids for chemical feedstocks. Vendors are further working on converting waste palm oil into high-grade, less hazardous surfactants to enhance crude oil recovery from reservoirs. This is providing a competitive edge to the market. Moreover, they are adopting second-generation structured packing formats to increase the efficiency and reduce pressure drops, while enhancing the capacity and product purities. Other than this, major plantation enterprises are forming joint ventures with other companies to develop novel technologies and a well-organized supply line of raw materials, which is further aiding them in widening their product portfolio. Looking forward, IMARC Group expects the market to reach US$ 33.9 Billion by 2027, exhibiting at a CAGR of 7.2% during 2022-2027.

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Top Oleochemicals Companies in the World:

Emery Oleochemicals LLC

Establishment: 2005
Headquarter: Ohio, United States

Emery Oleochemicals LLC, owned by Emery Oleochemicals Group as a joint venture between Thailand-based PTT Global Chemical and Malaysia-based Sime Darby Plantation, is one of the leading manufacturers of specialty chemicals. It produces natural-source oleochemical base stocks, such as fatty acids, glycerin and triacetin, ozone acids, plastic additives, and ester-based oilfield chemicals. These solutions are pioneered with proprietary technology, in-depth market insights, and superior technical knowledge that enables customization according to specific application needs, thereby improving processing efficiencies and enhancing environmental safety. The company has an extensive distribution network, sales and marketing offices, and manufacturing facilities worldwide, including North America, Europe, and Asia Pacific regions.

Oleon NV

Establishment: 1957
Headquarter: Belgium

Oleon NV is a subsidiary of Diester Industrie S.A.S, which operates as a holding company. It specializes in converting natural fats and oils into a wide range of oleochemical products, such as glycerin, fatty acids, dimers, esters, technical oils, specialty oleochemicals, and biodiesel. Some other products offered by the company includes organic chemicals, lubricants, feed additives, dispersing agents, solvency, and vegetable oils. They are made from renewable raw materials by combining high performance technologies with ready biodegradability. Oleon SAS, Oleon Gmbh, Oleon Biodiesel NV, and Oleon UK Ltd. are its main subsidiaries.

KLK Oleo

Establishment: 1906
Headquarter: Malaysia

KLK Oleo is one of the global producers of oleochemicals, with its integrated complexes located strategically across Malaysia, Indonesia, China, and Europe. It offers a range of high quality, innovative, and sustainable products, including fatty acids, glycerin, fatty alcohols, fatty esters, methyl ester sulphonate (MES), surfactants, and phytonutrients. These chemicals are produced from readily renewable and sustainable natural resources for being later utilized in diverse end-use applications, such as home and personal health care, cosmetics, food, fragrances, lubricants, polymers, and industrial chemicals.

Kao Corporation 

Establishment: 1887 
Headquarter: Tokyo, Japan  

Kao Corporation is a chemical and cosmetic company. It develops its consumer products business in five business fields, including hygiene and living care, health and beauty care, life care, cosmetics, and chemical. Kao also manufactures and markets fatty chemicals, edible oils, and specialty chemicals. Some of its subsidiaries included Kao Chemical Corporation Shanghai, Kao Trading Sdn. Bhd., PT. Dino Indonesia Industrial Ltd., High Point Chemical Corporation, Pilipinas Kao Incorporated, Kao Indonesia Chemicals, and Chemische Fabrik Chem-Y GmbH. The company markets its products under the Jergens, Biore Curel, John Frieda, Ban, and Guhl brands with operations set up worldwide, including Asia, North America, and Europe.


Establishment: 1865
Headquarter: Germany

BASF is a Germany-based multinational chemical company. It offers chemicals, plastics, crop protection, performance enhancing, and oil and gas products to construction, coatings, automotive, and health and nutrition industries. The company’s product portfolio is organized into six segments, namely Chemicals, Materials, Industrial Solutions, Surface Technologies, Nutrition and Care, and Agricultural Solutions. BASF has joint ventures in more than 80 countries and operates six integrated production sites across Europe, Asia, Australia, and Africa.

Evonik Industries AG

Establishment: 2007
Headquarter: Germany

Evonik Industries AG, predominantly owned by RAG Foundation, is a holding company that is engaged in the manufacturing of specialty chemicals. It operates through the nutrition and care, resource efficiency, performance materials, and other services and operations segments. Amongst these, the nutrition and care segment produce specialty chemicals to be used in consumer goods and animal nutrition products, whereas the resource efficiency unit supplies materials for energy-efficient systems catering to the automotive, paint and coatings, and construction industries. On the other hand, the last two segments are involved in the production of precursors for polymer materials and offers site services-related administrative, operational, and technical support.


Establishment: 1976
Headquarter: Saudi Arabia

SABIC (Saudi Basic Industries Corporation), a subsidiary of the Saudi-owned petroleum and gas company Saudi Aramco, is one of the leading leaders in diversified chemicals. The primary business segments of the company include Petrochemicals and Specialties, Agri-nutrients, and Hadeed. SABIC is an active producer of petrochemicals, chemicals, industrial polymers, fertilizers, and metals. Some other products offered by the company includes high-performance plastics, methanol, ethylene, benzene, xylene, industrial gases, thermoplastic resins, melamine, urea fertilizers, and flat hot and cold rolled steel products. SABIC markets its good worldwide, such as America, Europe, Middle East, and Asia Pacific regions.

Godrej Industries Limited

Establishment: 1963
Headquarter: India

Godrej Industries Limited is a holding company of the Godrej Group. Its business comprises of chemicals, estate management, and finance and investments. Godrej Industries functions in the chemicals, agrovet, consumer products, and properties segments. Its chemical division manufactures and markets a variety of oleochemical products derived from organic materials, such as fatty alcohols, surfactants, alpha olefin sulphonate, glycerin, fatty acids, and specialty products. These products are primarily used as raw materials in the food, pharmaceutical, and personal care industries.

Akzo Nobel NV

Establishment: 1994
Headquarter: Amsterdam, Netherlands

Akzo Nobel NV is a multinational company, which creates paints and performance coatings, such as polymer, pulp and paper, bleach, salt-chlorine, and surfactants, for both industries and consumers worldwide. The company operates two business segments, including decorative paints and performance coatings. The former unit supplies a variety of paints, lacquers, varnishes, mixing machines, color concepts, and specialty coatings for metal, wood, and other complex building materials. On the other hand, the performance coating segment offers paints and coatings to protect and enhance ships, aircraft, cars, yachts, consumer goods, architectural components, and oil and gas facilities. Akzo markets its products under the Coral, Dulux, Flexa, Interpon, Eka, Jozo, Hammerite, Sadolin, and Kromasil brands amongst others.

Wilmar International Ltd.

Establishment: 1991
Headquarter: Singapore

Wilmar International Ltd. is one of the Asia’s leading agribusiness groups, which is engaged in the processing, merchandizing, and distribution of agricultural products. It operates through four segments, namely food products, feed and industrial products, plantation and sugar milling, and others. Some of Wilmar’s business activities include oil palm cultivation, oilseeds crushing, edible oils refining, specialty fats, consumer pack edible oils processing, and oleochemicals and biodiesel manufacturing. Apart from this, it has over 500 manufacturing plants and an extensive distribution unit covering China, Indonesia, India, and Africa.


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