Top 10 Lead Acid Battery Companies in the World

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Top 10 Lead Acid Battery Companies in the World

The global lead acid battery market reached a value of US$ 33.0 Billion in 2022. Lead acid batteries are rechargeable energy storage devices comprising an anode and cathode as positive and negative terminals. They are connected by the electrolyte to generate electricity through electrochemical reactions. Compared to their traditional counterparts, they are tolerant to overcharging, have less energy density and a larger current capacity, offer better performance in low or high temperatures, and can supply high surge currents. As a result, lead-acid batteries are widely used in motor vehicles, ample backup power supplies for telephone and computer centers, grid energy storage, off-grid household electric power systems, and emergency lighting.

As per the analysis by IMARC Group, the top companies in the lead acid battery industry are adopting innovative battery manufacturing machines to optimize their production processes at minimal costs. They are also engaging in strategic partnerships to expand their product portfolio and retain their footprint in the market. Moreover, the leading manufacturers are focusing on developing advanced lead acid battery variants with higher usage capacity, superior performance, longer life cycles, cost-effectiveness, and efficiency. They are also launching new and innovative product variants in a range of sizes and capacities, which is further anticipated to expand its applications across various sectors. In addition, the implementation of favorable green initiatives by governments of numerous countries, continual technological advancements, increasing mergers and acquisitions among key players, and ongoing research and development (R&D) activities are some of the other factors propelling the market growth. Looking forward, IMARC Group expects the market value to reach US$ 41.5 Billion by 2028, growing at a CAGR of 4% during 2023-2028.

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List of Top 10 Companies Operating in the Global Lead Acid Battery Market

1. C&D Technologies Inc.

Establishment:  1906
Headquarters:  Pennsylvania, the United States

C&D Technologies Inc. is a leading global provider of energy storage solutions and services for the telecommunications, utility, uninterruptible power supply, renewable energy, cable, and broadband markets. It offers cost-effective, reliable, and high-quality power solutions for mission-critical industrial applications and manufactures and supports advanced systems for the conversion and storage of electrical power. The company has a broad portfolio of flooded lead acid (VLA) and valve-regulated lead-acid (VRLA) batteries for data centers/UPS, telecom, energy & infrastructure, renewable energy, government, and electric vehicles. 

2. Clarios International Inc.

Establishment:  1885
Headquarters:  Wisconsin, the United States

Clarios International Inc. is a global leader in energy storage solutions, making the most innovative battery technologies for virtually all types of vehicles. The company designs, manufactures, recovers, and reuses batteries to create more advanced, efficient, and sustainable energy storage solutions. It has the most extensive and efficient portfolio of novel lead-acid and lithium-ion battery technologies designed to power almost every type of passenger, commercial, and recreational vehicle. At present, Clarios powers 1 in 3 cars in the world and serves customers in more than 140 countries across the globe.

3. East Penn Manufacturing Co.

Establishment:  1946
Headquarters:  Pennsylvania, the United States

East Penn Manufacturing Co. is a private, family-owned company that operates the world’s largest single-site, lead-acid manufacturing battery facility. It designs and produces hundreds of energy storage devices that serve numerous industries. It mainly operates through four divisions: transportation, reserve power, motive power, and wire, cable, and battery accessories. Under the wire, cable, and battery accessories division, the company offers lead-acid batteries, lithium-ion batteries, absorbed glass mat (AGM) batteries, and cable and wire products.

4. EnerSys

Establishment:  1991
Headquarters:  Pennsylvania, the United States

EnerSys is a global industrial technology leader providing mission-critical stored energy solutions to meet the rising demand for energy efficiency, reliability, and sustainability. It has a robust product portfolio of world-class stored energy systems and services, including batteries, chargers, monitoring and fleet management, and other energy solutions. It also offers a wide range of application-specific batteries, such as thin plate pure lead, flooded lead acid, AGM, gel, lithium-ion, and nickel-cadmium batteries.

5. Exide Industries Limited

Establishment:  1947
Headquarters:  West Bengal, India

Exide Industries Limited is a leader in packaged power technology and India’s largest storage battery company with the broadest range of conventional flooded and the latest VRLA batteries. It designs, manufactures, markets, and sells numerous lead acid storage batteries, ranging from 2.5Ah to 20,600Ah capacity, to cover the broadest spectrum of applications. Currently, the company serves the automotive, power, telecom, infrastructure projects, and computer industries, as well as the railways, mining, and defense markets across the world.

6. GS Yuasa Corporation

Establishment:  2004
Headquarters:  Kyoto, Japan

GS Yuasa Corporation is a leading Japanese company that manufactures and sells batteries, power supply devices, lighting solutions, and other electrical equipment. It has a broad product portfolio comprising automotive and motorcycle batteries; traction batteries and chargers; industrial batteries and power supply systems; lithium-ion batteries for satellites, aircraft, and deep sea vessels; battery chargers; UV lamps; and membrane products.

7. HBL Power Systems Limited

Establishment:  1977
Headquarters:  Telangana, India

HBL Power Systems Limited specializes in developing and manufacturing complex technology products and solutions for various end-use industries. It produces one of the world’s most comprehensive ranges of specialized batteries, becoming the leading supplier of batteries to the Indian Airforce. The company operates via six business units: batteries, electronics, eMobility, defense, spun concrete, and battery energy storage systems. Under the batteries unit, it offers nickel-cadmium batteries, lead acid batteries, specialized batteries, lithium batteries, private label batteries, and battery chargers. 

8. HOPPECKE Batterien GmbH & Co. KG

Establishment:  1927
Headquarters:  Brilon, Germany

HOPPECKE Batterien GmbH & Co. KG is a global family business and a medium-sized company specializing in energy storage solutions for train, grid, sun, and rail applications. It is also one of the largest privately-owned European manufacturers of industrial batteries. It has an extensive product portfolio consisting of batteries, components, technical services, energy systems, industrial services, and ecomizer. At present, the company has 12 production sites and 23 international subsidiaries in over 150 countries, employing over 2,000 people in 22 countries globally. 

9. Leoch International Technology Limited

Establishment:  1999
Headquarters:  Shenzhen, China

Leoch International Technology Limited is one of the leading manufacturers and the top exporter of lead-acid batteries. It specializes in research and development, production, sales, and marketing of a complete range of lead-acid batteries. Its main products are reserve power batteries, SLI batteries, and motive power batteries, including series products such as AGM VRLA batteries, VRLA-GEL batteries, pure lead batteries, UPS high-rate batteries, marine batteries, railway batteries, start-stop batteries, automotive batteries, motorcycle batteries, OPzV, OPzS, PzS, PzV and PzB tubular plate batteries, golf cart batteries, scrubber sweeper batteries, and electric vehicle batteries. With more than 13,000 employees and 70 sales companies, Leoch sells and distributes its products in over 110 countries and regions worldwide.

10. Panasonic Holdings Corporation

Establishment:  1918
Headquarters:  Osaka, Japan

Panasonic Holdings Corporation is a global leader in the development of diverse electronics technologies and solutions for customers in consumer electronics, housing, automotive, and B2B businesses. It offers a range of home appliances and domestic equipment, equipment and systems for manufacturing and logistics, and batteries and electronic components for mobility and social infrastructure. The Group provides innovative battery products and solutions through Panasonic Energy Co., Ltd., one of its eight operating companies. It is engaged in the development, manufacture, and sale of primary batteries (dry and lithium primary batteries), cylindrical-type lithium-ion batteries for in-vehicle use, secondary lithium batteries, storage battery modules, and nickel-metal hydride batteries.

11. Teledyne Technologies Incorporated

Establishment:  1960
Headquarters:  California, the United States

Teledyne Technologies Incorporated offers advanced electronic components, instruments, and communications products. It has a broad product portfolio comprising defense electronics, data acquisition & communications equipment for airlines and business aircraft, monitoring and control instruments for industrial and environmental applications and components, and subsystems for wireless and satellite communications. It operates via four segments: instrumentation, digital imaging, aerospace and defense electronics, and engineered systems. Under the aerospace and defense electronics segment, it provides electronic components, subsystems, and communications products, including defense electronics, data acquisition and communications equipment for air transport and business aircraft, harsh environment interconnects and components and subsystems for wireless and satellite communications, and general aviation batteries.

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