Leading Vinegar Manufacturers in the World

Leading Vinegar Manufacturers in the World

The global vinegar market reached a value of US$ 2.3 Billion in 2022. Vinegar is an acidic liquid with a strong, pungent odor and sour taste. It is manufactured by fermenting ethanol and has excellent antimicrobial, antioxidant, and anti-diabetic properties. It offers numerous health benefits, such as promoting weight loss, enhancing cardiovascular health, and improving nutrient absorption. As a result, vinegar finds extensive food and non-food applications as a marinade, preservative, flavor balancer, disinfectant, stain remover, antiperspirant, and hair conditioner.

As per the analysis by IMARC Group, the top companies in the vinegar industry are heavily investing in research and development (R&D) activities to enhance the functional characteristics and tastes of the vinegar by introducing exotic flavors. They are also launching innovative product variants fortified with novel ingredients, including ginger, green tea, and walnut, to cater to the diversified tastes and preferences of consumers. Furthermore, several key players are offering a range of custom vinegar products for specific applications and adding new natural flavors to their product lines to expand their customer base and gain a competitive edge. They are also developing gluten-free and organic vinegar products, such as apple cider vinegar and coconut vinegar, to meet the escalating demand from health-conscious consumers. Apart from this, the launch of frozen vinegar and increasing mergers and acquisitions (M&A) of small businesses are catalyzing market growth. Looking forward, IMARC Group expects the market value to reach US$ 2.7 Billion by 2028, growing at a CAGR of 2.77% during 2023-2028. 

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List of Top Manufacturing Companies Operating in Vinegar Industry Worldwide:

Acetifici Italiani Modena SRL

Establishment: 1889
Headquarters: Naples, Italy
Website: www.denigris1889.com/it/  

Acetifici Italiani Modena SRL, owned by the De Nigris Group, is a leading manufacturer of vinegar, glazes, and other condiments. The company has an extensive product portfolio comprising balsamic vinegar, classic glazes, wine vinegar, apple cider vinegar, organic vinegar, vinegar spritzer, and sauces. It owns and operates six distribution centers across Italy and has an employee strength of approximately 140 employees.

Australian Vinegar

Establishment: 2005
Headquarters: Stanthorpe, Australia
Website: www.australianvinegar.com

Australian Vinegar is a leading producer and supplier of bulk vinegar products for food businesses in Australia. It also manufactures custom vinegar for specific food applications and private label products. It has a diverse product portfolio comprising red wine vinegar, white wine vinegar, organic vinegar, Kombucha bases and concentrates, apple balsamic and dry apple vinegar, and Australian sherry vinegar. Moreover, the company markets these products under two brands, namely LiraH and YourACV. 

Bizen Chemical Co. Ltd.

Establishment: 1971
Headquarters: Okayama, Japan
Website: www.bizen-c.co.jp/  

Bizen Chemical Co. Ltd. is the supplier of specialty products and services of functional food ingredients, pharmaceuticals, and health food products. It also provides Moromi vinegar, dairy products, confectionery items, dietary supplements, quasi-drug products, food additives, cosmetics, edible oils, and lipids. The company holds a capital of around US$ 0.45 Million and has an employee strength of around 270 people.  

Kraft Heinz Company 

Establishment: 2015
Headquarters:  Chicago, United States
Website:  www.kraftheinzcompany.com/ 

The Kraft Heinz Company, formed by the merger between H.J. Heinz Company and Kraft Foods Group, is a multinational food company with prominent brands in the retail and foodservice sectors. It has an extensive product portfolio comprising a range of vinegar, condiments, sauces, salad dressing, bake mix, cake mix, fruit pectin, and ready-to-eat food items. The company sells these products under brands such as Heinz, Kraft, Jell-O, Kool-Aid, Oscar Mayer, Smart Ones, Quero, Wattie’s, Caprisun, Lunchables, and others. In 2018, the net sales of the company reached US$ 26 Billion, with a global presence across more than 200 countries and around 39,000 employees onboard.


Establishment: 1804
Headquarters: Aichi Prefecture, Japan 
Website: www.mizkan.com 

Mizkan is a leading manufacturer of condiments, food ingredients, and Japanese food products and a provider of food services and private label products. It offers different varieties of vinegar, Japanese condiments, mustard condiments, salad dressing, denatured wines, pepper products, pasta sauces, fermented soybeans, and soup bases. The company markets these products under Mizkan’s brands, such as ZENB, Vinegar Style, Bertolli, Sarson’s, PIN Jurishi, Ragu, and Branston, among several others. In 2019, the company reported net sales of US$ 2.23 Billion with an employee strength of around 3,800 people and a distribution network across 27 locations in Japan, the US, and the UK.

Shanxi Shuita Vinegar

Establishment: 1988
Headquarters: Qingxu, China
Website: www.shuitatrade.com/

Shanxi Shuita Vinegar is primarily engaged in manufacturing food ingredients and condiments. Some of its prominent vinegar products include superior mature vinegar, flavor vinegar, health vinegar, and vinegar beverages. With an employee strength of more than 2,000 people, the company has an extensive distribution network across more than 30 Chinese provinces and exports to Malaysia, Singapore, the US, and Canada.

Castelo Alimentos S/A

Establishment: 1905
Headquarters: Jundiai, Brazil
Website: www.casteloalimentos.com.br/ 

Castelo Alimentos S/A produces, commercializes and distributes vinegar and its substitutes, food condiments, oils, seasonings, preservatives, and canned food items. Some of the company’s major vinegar products include premium balsamic vinegar, special vinegar, table vinegar, flavored vinegar, soft vinegar and traditional vinegar. With more than 115 years in business, the company has a global presence across 13 countries.

Burg Group B.V.

Establishment: 1947
Headquarter: Heerhugowaard, Netherlands
Website: www.burggroup.eu/ 

Burg Group B.V. is the leading manufacturer of different variants of vinegar, such as cider vinegar and wine vinegar, along with fruit syrups for various foodservice and retail organizations. The company markets these products under several brands, including Rio, Fruit Splash, Fuchs, Margarita, Krystal, Bzenecky Ocet, Burg, and L’etoile. With an employee strength of around 250, Burg Group operates several manufacturing units in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, France, and the Czech Republic. 

Aspall Cyder

Establishment: 1728
Headquarters: Suffolk, United Kingdom
Website: www.aspall.co.uk 

Aspall Cyder Limited produces vinegar, apple juices, organic wines, and food specialties. Some of the company’s products include apple cider, classic red wine, organic cider vinegar, organic balsamic vinegar, sauvignon blanc, apple balsamic vinegar, and unfermented apple juice. In 2018, Aspall Cyder Limited was acquired by the Molson Coors Beverage Company.

Fleischmann’s Vinegar

Establishment: 1920s
Headquarters: California, United States
Website: www.fleischmannsvinegar.com/

Fleischmann’s Vinegar Company, owned by the Kerry Group, is the largest global producer of commercial vinegar and specialty ingredient products for the food and agriculture sector. Its diverse product portfolio comprises balsamic vinegar, generic and varietal wine vinegar, malt, rice and apple cider vinegar, and cooking wines. In addition, it provides a wide variety of condiments, sauces, dressings, pet food, meats, soups, and frozen entrees. At present, the company operates seven manufacturing facilities and four distribution warehouses across the United States and Canada.


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