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Largest Companies in the Global Pallet Market 2019

A pallet is defined as a horizontal platform, which is generally affixed onto a bottom deck and a superstructure. It is a type of tertiary packaging which is primarily used for stacking, storing, transporting and protecting materials when they are being handled by equipment like pallet jacks, conveyors and forklifts. These portable platforms can be broadly categorized into stringer and block pallets, which are available in different sizes and configurations. Various materials are used for making pallets such as wood, plastic and fiberboard. Amongst these, wood pallets are lightweight, durable and incur less cost. Plastic pallets, on the other hand, are more expensive but have a high-performance design and are considered ideal for export. Whereas, fiberboard pallets, also known as paper pallets, are lighter than wood pallets and can be recycled for further use. According to the latest report by IMARC Group, the global pallet market size reached 6.87 Billion Units in 2018. By 2024, the market is projected to reach a volume of 9.18 Billion Units, exhibiting a CAGR of 4.87% during the forecast period of 2019-2024.

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Presently, there are five key players that are competing in the pallet market:

Brambles Limited

Australia-based supply-chain logistics company, Brambles Ltd was established in the mid-1870s. It operates primarily through the CHEP brand in over 60 countries, including India, Slovenia, Turkey, Bulgaria and the Czech Republic, with a workforce of more than 14,000 employees. The logistics solutions of the company are based on the provision of reusable containers, crates and pallets for shared use. Brambles currently offers display, timber and plastic pallets.

Rehrig Pacific Company

Founded in the early-1910s, Rehrig Pacific Company is a US-based firm that produces crates, bins, and containers and pallets along with other storage and transport products. These products are supplied across bakery, materials handling, dairy, agriculture, beverage, and waste and recycling collection industries. Other than this, the company manufactures reusable transport packaging, which includes bulk bottle, direct store delivery products, can products, and crates and bins. Further, it offers environmental and logistics services, such as asset tracking, pallet sales, transportation, recycling and sustainability, pooling, and pallet management and reverse logistics. Rehrig Pacific distributes its products and services across the US, Canada, Caribbean, Europe, Asia, New Zealand, Mexico, Latin America, the Middle East, Africa, Australia, and the Pacific Islands. The company operates service and manufacturing facilities in Mexico and the US.

Schoeller Allibert Group BV

Based in the Netherlands, Schoeller Allibert was founded in 2005. The company manufactures and designs Returnable Transit Packaging (RTP). It has a worldwide presence in nearly 50 countries with thirteen production locations and a workforce of more than 2000 employees. Schoeller Allibert produces a range of foldable small and large containers, trays and beverage crates; pallets and dollies, foldable IBCs, UN pails, and stackable and stack nest handheld boxes. Also, it offers kitchenware, plastic tableware and toilet articles; and various plastic products, such as insulating fittings, office or school supplies, fittings for furniture, plastic headgear, conveyor belts, and articles of apparel. The pallets provided by the company are available in different sizes, including 600x400, 800x600, 1200x800 and 1200x1000.


LOSCAM is a pallet, pooling and returnable packaging solutions company based in China, founded in the early-1940s. It operates in nearly twelve regions across Asia Pacific, including Indonesia, Myanmar, Philippines, Taiwan, Vietnam, Australia, Hong Kong, Malaysia, New Zealand, Singapore and Thailand. The company manufactures pallets, intermediate bulk containers, produce bins, and collars and lids. These products are supplied across the automotive, agriculture, retail, hardware, horticulture and industrial sectors.

CABKA Group GmbH

Founded in 1993, CABKA Group GmbH produces and develops product solutions from recycled plastics. It offers fence, temporary fence base, big containers, plastic shells, grid, inflow plates, material handling, slides and other related products. The company supplies in over 80 countries from its production sites located in Spain, USA, Germany and Belgium, with a workforce of more than 400 people. CABKA manufactures and distributes a comprehensive portfolio of plastic pallets for worldwide product transportation through its brand CABKA_IPS.

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