Top Players in the Rainwater Harvesting Market

Top Players in the Rainwater Harvesting Market

The global rainwater harvesting market reached a value of US$ 1,469 Million in 2022. Looking forward, IMARC Group expects the market to reach US$ 1,886 Million by 2028, exhibiting a CAGR of 4.17% during 2023-2028. As per the analysis by IMARC Group, the top companies are increasingly focusing on developing cutting edge rainwater purification systems, which are aimed at reducing the cost of water across households. Besides this, manufacturers are increasing the availability of purification systems catering to home applications in an attempt to supplement drinking and bathing water. They are also integrating purification systems with optional color user interface that offers screen displaying diagnostics, status, and warning for a quick link back to the website of the system provider.

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List of Top Rainwater Harvesting Companies in the World:

Kingspan Group plc

Establishment: 1965
Headquarter: Kingscourt, Ireland

Kingspan Group is one of the leading manufacturers of rainwater harvesting solutions. The company offers fully compliant and trusted products to commercial, residential and rural applications. It is also a global leader in high performance insulation and building envelope solutions. The mission of the company is to accelerate a net zero emissions future with the wellbeing of people and planet at its heart. They achieve by enabling high performance buildings that can save more energy, carbon, and water. In addition to this, the company believes in challenging the industry traditions with innovation in advanced materials and digital technologies.

Watts Water Technologies, Inc.

Establishment: 1874
Headquarter: Massachusetts, United States

Watts Water Technologies, Inc. is an industry leader in developing water sustainability solutions, setting the standards for rainwater harvesting. The rainwater harvesting solutions are designed to capture, store, pump, and treat rainwater for landscaping, commercial process water, cooling towers, flushing toilets, public fountains, and laundry systems. The solutions provide important component for corporate sustainability programs and green building projects, including LEED certification. It also offers full-featured system solutions, which are aimed at saving time. For instance, the RCS-700 series include all the essential components for rainwater harvesting and are PLC controlled systems, which makes it easy to monitor performance from a central location.

Graff Group GmbH

Establishment: 1962
Headquarter: Herbolzheim, Germany

Graff Group GmbH develops, manufactures, and markets an extensive range of products for water management. Rainwater harvesting systems from Graf are made with ecological and economic senses in mind. The company aims to save up-to 50% of drinking water, preserve groundwater reserves, and remove the strain off wastewater treatment systems. For instance, its flat Platin tank with a volume of 1,500 liter or more is an easy-to-install system and can handle a large rainwater requirement. Moreover, the rainwater harvesting systems can be used in the garden or home and are suitable for pedestrian or vehicle loadings.


Establishment: 1989
Headquarter: Hesse, Germany

WISY AG is a leading manufacturer of all components of a modern rainwater harvesting system. The company provides a cost-effective and sustainable alternative to natural resource depletion. The company believes in sustainability and environmental protection, making rainwater as a decentralized resource available almost everywhere, economically and ecologically usable. WISY offers a unique kind of filtration, which deflects water, automatically removes the dirt, and at the same time is low maintenance. These systems can be used in single-family homes, multi-party properties, or large buildings such as factories, hospitals, sports facilities, and commercial properties.

Innovative Water Solutions LLC

Establishment: 2004
Headquarter: Texas, United States

Innovative Water Solutions LLC is a full-service water conservation system design/build company. It specializes in integrated water demand and supply management for residential and commercial projects. The company offers a wide range of services such as rainwater harvesting, graywater reuse, irrigation systems, drainage improvements, and landscape solutions. It also provides installation services throughout central Texas in the United States and other services, such as design and consulting, at an international level. Moreover, it has installed nearly 7,000,000 gallons of rainwater harvesting storage across both residential and commercial sectors.

D&D Ecotech Services

Establishment: 2010
Headquarter: Mumbai, India.

D&D Ecotech Services is a professional natural water management company in India. The company was founded due to increasing water crisis faced by most cities in India like Mumbai on account of the irregular rainfall, growing population, and rapid urban development. As the company grew, it became expert in all kinds of water management services. It makes use of time-tested methods for planning, designing, and implementing rainwater harvesting systems for storing and ground water recharging. However, the company is gaining prominence as one of the top five agencies that provide customized rainwater harvesting solutions in India.

Rain Harvesting Supplies, Inc.

Establishment: 2011
Headquarter: Texas, United States

Rain Harvesting Supplies, Inc., is passionate about water, rainwater collection, water pumps, UV water treatment systems, customer service, and supplying the right equipment for various water projects. The company helps its customer to find the right rainwater products at the right price. also focuses exclusively on rainwater harvesting through various product categories, including top-quality water tanks, filtration, pumps, water treatment, level gauges, valves, and more.

Water Field Technologies Private Limited

Establishment: 2012
Headquarter: Maharashtra, India

The company provides consultancy services, supply of modular products, and turnkey project solutions for installation of rainwater harvesting and groundwater management systems. It also provides solutions in industries, institutions-schools, agricultural farms, villages, urban development projects, and housing sectors. Water Field Technologies Private Limited have been working on fresh water management and serving various segments starting form tribal schools in the state of Maharashtra in India, for rainwater harvesting and groundwater management projects.

Stormsaver Limited

Establishment: 2003
Headquarter: Nottinghamshire, United Kingdom

Stormsaver is the UK market leader in the supply and manufacture of Stormsaver team rainwater harvesting systems. The company’s vision is to ensure a clean, safe, sustainable water supply for every human, animal, plant to sustain. Stormsaver Limited offers commercial rainwater harvesting systems, domestic rainwater systems, storm water attenuation, commercial greywater, and maintenance. It pledges to provide reliable, bespoke solutions to all commercial, industrial, educational buildings, and homes where rainwater harvesting contributes to the sustainability and financial viability of the occupants. It also offers a secure, interesting, and exciting business, creating jobs for people locally and nationally.

Climate, Inc.

Establishment: 2006
Headquarter: California, United States

The company is a digital agriculture company that examines the weather, soil, and field data to facilitate the farmers and help them determine potential yield-limiting factors in yield. They makes use of the highest quality raw materials that meet or exceed the requirements of relevant design standards and applicable international standards in rainwater harvesting systems. They also provide the assurance and dedication to the highest quality associated with our brands. The engineered designs are facilitated to accommodate secure tank storage for local environmental conditions like high wind speeds, snow or seismic loads.

Water Harvesters

Establishment: 2000
Headquarter: New Delhi, India

The company was established in the capital city of New Delhi with the sole objective of making people aware of the far-reaching effects of ground water abuse and the consequential hazards related to ground water depletion. It consists of a consortium of scientists and hydrogeologists who work day and night to devise state-of-the-art techniques to implement best rain water harvesting (RWH) structures as a way of balancing out the needs of the clients with those of the environment. Water Harvesters is one of the largest integrated water management company offering products, services, and complete outsourced water management programs in all major industries and communities.

Heritage Water Tanks

Headquarter: Australia

Heritage Water Tanks offers the best choice for rainwater tanks at competitive prices without compromising the service or quality. The company is at the cutting edge of water tank design and manufacture as they saw the need for superior quality water tanks in Australia. In addition, the all-new next generation, Australian designed and manufactured EvaRain Circular Tank Gutter System is unique in its ability to collect close to 100% of the rain from the roof of your rainwater tank, without compromising on the quality of the water collected.


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