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Top Companies in Global Seaweed Market | IMARC Group

The global seaweed market size reached US$ 6.73 Billion in 2021. Seaweeds or macroalgae are different species of algae and marine plants that grow in rivers, lakes, oceans, and other water bodies. They are obtained through aquaculture and wild harvest techniques. They are a rich source of minerals, vitamins, fibers, and hydrocolloids that help in the proper functioning of the thyroid, nourish gut health, and protect the body from cell damage. Owing to these benefits, seaweeds are widely used in pharma products, food and beverages, wastewater treatment, bio-refining, and dietary supplements.

As per the analysis by IMARC Group, the top seaweed companies are investing in research and development (R&D) activities to improve their energy efficiency and environmental sustainability directives by creating more efficient seaweed processing and manufacturing technologies. For instance, Acadian Seaplants Limited has developed a harvesting tool to harvest indigenous seaweed resources manually. Moreover, Cargill, Inc. launched a sustainability program Red Algae Promise in 2019 to ensure sustainable cultivation and harvesting of red algae. Besides this, several leading players are focusing on facility expansions and partnerships to strengthen their position in the industry. Looking forward, IMARC Group expects the market to reach US$ 12.85 Billion by 2027, exhibiting a CAGR of 11.5% during the forecast period  (2022-2027).

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Acadian Seaplants Limited

Establishment: 1981
Headquarters: Nova Scotia, Canada

Acadian Seaplants Limited (ASL) is a globally recognized industry leader that processes seaweed-based products for biochemical, food, agricultural, and agri-chemical markets across the globe. The company is also engaged in the cultivation and processing of unique seaweeds for Asian and global food markets. Over the years, Acadian Seaplants has developed expertise in various seaweed processing and product manufacturing technologies that preserve the valuable characteristics and bioactive components of fresh seaweed during the processing of complex marine plants.  

Cargill Incorporated

Establishment: 1865
Headquarter: Minnesota, United States

Cargill Inc. is a global food, agriculture, nutrition, and risk management company. Under its seaweed segment, the company offers one of the widest ranges of commercially available carrageenans. It uses various kinds of red seaweeds (Rhodophyceae) from the Gigartinales group, which are marketed under the Satiagel, Aubygel, Satiagum, and Seabird brands. The main seaweed varieties used by the company include Chondrus, Gigartina, Iridaea, and Eucheuma. The company’s goal is to enable seaweed producers and their communities to achieve better incomes and living standards while accelerating progress toward a sustainable and transparent global seaweed supply chain.

DuPont de Nemours, Inc.

Establishment: 1897
Headquarters: Delaware, United States

DuPont is a multi-industry specialty company specializing in dietary supplements, construction materials, nutrition and biosciences, pharmaceuticals, biomaterials and water solutions. DuPont Nutrition & Biosciences, a subsidiary of DuPont, is one of the world’s largest buyers of seaweed for hydrocolloids, which is further used in confectionery, dairy, beverages, fruit, meat, frozen desserts, poultry, and seafood segments. Furthermore, the company is committed to becoming a world leader in sustainable environmental solutions. It has also started a seaweed initiative to develop and implement a sustainable sourcing program for 90% of all bio-based raw materials.

Irish Seaweeds

Establishment: 1990
Headquarters: Northern Ireland, United Kingdom

Previously known as Dolphin Sea Vegetable Company, Irish Seaweeds is a small family-run business that harvests Irish seaweeds around the coast of Ireland in a sustainable manner. The company has been hand-harvesting raw, wild Irish Seaweed and supplying it to businesses and personal customers locally, nationally, and internationally. It has initiated research and development (R&D) projects with major universities within Ireland and Northern Ireland for the drying and cultivation techniques of sea veg-edible seaweeds.

Beijing Leili Marine Bioindustry Inc. (Leili Group)

Establishment: 1993
Headquarters: Beijing, China

Leili Group is the pioneering and leading enterprise in the seaweed biostimulants industry in China. The company provides five main products, which include humic acid, seaweed fertilizer, amino acid, potassium humate, and microelement. It has developed more than 100 varieties of products in 10 different categories based on ocean resources. With decades of experience, high-quality products, and excellent services, the company has become one of the leading enterprises in Asia and one of the top 5 seaweed fertilizer manufacturers in the world.

Mara Seaweed

Establishment: 2011
Headquarters: Edinburgh, Scotland

Mara Seaweed (Celtic Sea Spice Company) is one of the UK’s most innovative seaweed brands. Since 2011, the company has been pioneering developments in sourcing, harvesting, and processing seaweed. Moreover, the goal of the organization is to provide the health benefits of seaweed in a delicious, easy-to-use product to its customers. The seaweed provided by the company is minimally processed within 24 hours of harvesting to secure maximum nutrients and the best flavors. Moreover, it also carries Soil Association Organic Certification for its harvesting and processing methods.

Qingdao Gather Great Ocean Algae Industry Group (GGOG)

Establishment: 2000
Headquarters: Qingdao, China

Qingdao Gather Great Ocean Algae Industry Group Co., Ltd. is a marine biological enterprise specialized in integrated processing of seaweed production. It uses seaweed as the raw material to produce carrageenan, sodium alginate, agar-agar, pharmaceutical excipients, seaweed polysaccharide vacant capsules, propylene glycol alginate, and other marine biological products. Moreover, Qingdao aims to excel in industrial seaweed processing, optimize the biological seaweed industry, and become a world-class multinational group in the marine biological sector.

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