Top Players in the Global Barium Carbonate Market

Top Players in the Global Barium Carbonate Market

The global barium carbonate market reached a value of US$ 577.9 Million in 2021. Barium carbonate or BaCO3­­ refers to a white solid that is precipitated from the solution of urea and barium hydroxide. It is toxic in nature and also occurs naturally in a mineral, called witherite. Barium carbonate is largely used in various industries, which include brick, ceramics, chemical, glass, oil-drilling, and photography. The convention method of producing barium carbonate includes high-temperature reduction of barite with coal, which generates a significant amount of carbon dioxide (CO2). At present, leading players in the market are investing in the development of more sustainable production processes. They are innovating by utilizing methane as a reducing agent, which considerable decreases CO2 emissions. As compared to the common coal-based methods, this method also offers various other benefits, including reducing residence time and lowering operating temperatures. Looking forward, IMARC Group expects the market to reach US$872.2 Million by 2027, exhibiting at a CAGR of 6.9% during 2022-2027.

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List of Top Barium Carbonate Companies in the World:

Solvay SA

Established: 1863
Headquarter: Belgium

Solvay is one of the leading manufacturers and marketers of materials, solutions and chemicals across the globe. With a workforce for more than 23,000 employees, the company currently has 110 sites across 64 countries. It utilizes barium carbonate to produce high-quality customized products to cater to the needs of its consumers within a range of applications, including glass, bricks, tiles and ceramics, displays, ferrites, and batteries. Solvay also produces hydrogen peroxide, silica, food and fragrance flavors, soda ash, functional polymers, surfactants, and other specialty polymers. These products are marketed to several industry verticals, such as the alternative energy, chemical, consumer goods, oil and gas, aerospace, automotive, construction, and food and beverage industries.

Chemical Products Corporation

Established: 1933
Headquarter: United States

Chemical Products Corporation (CPC) is primarily an inorganic chemical producer. It manufactures and supplies strontium and barium compounds to the tile, brick, and ceramic industries. Some of the company’s barium carbonate-based proprietary products include Micro-Flo and Aqua-Flo. These products are designed for ‘scum-control’ in the brick and tile manufacturing process. Aqua-Flo is added as a liquid in slurry. On the other hand, Micro-Flo is used as a dry powder as it is virtually dust free, offers excellent flow characteristics and easily disperses into the clay when wet.

Hubei Jingshan Chutian Barium Salt Corp. Ltd.

Established: 1987
Headquarter: China

Hubei Jingshan Chutian Barium Salt Corp is the leading barium carbonate exporter and manufacturer in South Central China. The company currently accounts for one of three largest factories in China, which covers an area of 70,000 square meters. Its product portfolio includes Sulphur, barium carbonate light type, barium carbonate free flowing, barium carbonate granular, barium carbonate low-sulphur/low-Fe, and barium carbonate electronic type.

Guizhou Hongxing Development Co. Ltd.

Established: 1999
Headquarter: China

Established in 1999, Guizhou Hongxing Development Co. has been engaged in the manufacturing and supply of 20 product varieties with three series, including rubber and plastic auxiliaries, natural plant extraction, and electronic magnetic materials. Its product portfolio primarily consists of barium carbonate, electrolytic manganese binoxide, thiourea, barium sulphate, strontium chloride, metal manganese, strontium carbonate, insoluble sulfur, sulfur, strontium nitrate, metal strontium, metal manganese and marigold.

Sakai Chemical Industry Co. Ltd.

Established: 1932
Headquarter: Japan

Sakai Chemical is one of the largest marketers of barium carbonate in the world. With a workforce of 754 employees, the company mainly provides Inorganic Chemical Products, plastic additives, catalysts, electronic materials, and cosmetic materials. The segment of inorganic chemical products, Sakai deals in the production of barium, strontium, zinc, titanium dioxide, and other functional materials. It markets barium carbonate to be used in paints, inks, plastics, cosmetics, and laminated ceramic capacitators.

Hebei Xinji Chemical Group Co. Ltd.

Established: 1947
Headquarter: China

Established in 1947, Hebei Xinji Chemical Group is based in the Shijiazhuang city of China. It mainly deals in the manufacturing and marketing of inorganic salts and ammonia synthesis. With personnel of 3,300 people, the company covers an area of 1 million square meter. Currently, it has an output volume of 500,000 tons, and offers 15 types of chemical products that are categorized into over 50 specifications. The barium carbonate supplied by the company is primarily utilized in the production of image tubes, capacitors, vitreous enamel, pigments, paints, welding rods, radio components, bricks for high-rise buildings, storage batteries, ceramics, optical glass, rubber, ferrite, steel carburizing, and other barium salts.

Shaanxi Ankang Jianghua Group Co. Ltd.

Established: 1989
Headquarter: China

Shaanxi Ankang Jianghua Group majorly operates in the production and supply od barium salts for application in the chemical, mineral, material supply, construction and cement industries. Its product portfolio includes barium sulphate, barium carbonate granular, barium carbonate free flowing, barium carbonate precipitated (light), sulphur (powder or flake), barium chloride dihydrate, barium nitrate, mono-hydrate barium hydroxide, and barium hydroxide.

Zaozhuang City Yongli Chemical Co., Ltd.

Established: 2003
Headquarter: China

Established in 2003, Zaozhuang City Yongli Chemical mainly deals in the manufacturing of various industrial chemicals, including strontium salt and barium salt series inorganic salt products. The primary products offered by the company include strontium carbonate, sodium sulfhydrate, barium carbonate, thiourea, and sulphur. It produces nearly 25000 ton barium carbonate per year. The company is constantly focusing on the adoption of new technologies and equipment, improve its dependence on science, management tools and technology support for developing new products.


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