Top Companies in the Condoms Market


Top Companies in the Condoms Market

The global condoms market exhibit a growth rate (CAGR) of 7.8% during 2024-2032. Condoms refer to sheath-shaped barrier contraceptives manufactured from latex and used during sexual intercourse. They help protect against sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), including herpes simplex virus (HSV) and human immunodeficiency virus (HIV). They also reduce the chances of unplanned pregnancies by adding extra protection to other birth control methods, such as pills, shots, rings, intrauterine devices (IUDs), and implants. Nowadays, condoms are widely available in different flavors, sizes, shapes, colors, and textures.

As per the analysis by IMARC Group, the top companies in the condoms industry are focusing on launching unique flavors, thin latex, and textured variants to expand their product portfolio and boost their sales. They are also introducing durable and flexible non-latex condoms in innovative designs for individuals allergic to latex. Furthermore, several leading manufacturers are collaborating with non-governmental organizations (NGOs) to generate awareness among the masses and promote the usage of contraceptives like condoms by distributing free samples. They are also making heavy investments in attractive product packaging and aggressive marketing and promotional strategies to expand their consumer base. Besides this, the development of air condoms that minimize friction, improve lubrication, and avoid stickiness has catalyzed market growth.

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List of Top Condoms Companies in the World

Church & Dwight Co. Inc.

Establishment: 1846
Headquarters: New Jersey, United States

Church & Dwight Co. Inc. is a leading American household and personal care product manufacturer and one of the fastest-growing consumer packaged goods companies. It primarily operates through three segments: Consumer Domestic, Consumer International, and Specialty Products. The company offers a wide range of products in the areas of health and well-being, personal care, fabric care, and home care, including laundry detergent, toothpaste, toothbrush, probiotic supplements, condoms, shampoos, and deodorants. Its prominent brands include:

  • Trojan
  • First Response
  • Nair
  • Spinbrush
  • OxiClean
  • Orajel
  • Vitafusion
  • Batiste
  • Viviscal
  • XTRA
  • WaterPik
  • Flawless
  • Pepsodent
  • Close-Up
  • Orange GLO
  • Kaboom


Cupid Limited

Establishment: 1993
Headquarters: Maharashtra, India

Cupid Limited is a leading condom brand and India’s first female condom manufacturer. It produces and supplies a wide range of high-quality male condoms, female condoms, water-based lubricant jelly, and IVD kits. Cupid is the first company in the world to obtain pre-qualification status from WHO/UNFPA for the supply of both male and female condoms. In addition to its main production facility, the company also operates an active R&D center. Currently, it exports to various countries across the globe, including the USA, UAE, Australia, Indonesia, Switzerland, South Africa, Netherlands, Russia, Brazil, Nepal, and Morocco.

Fuji Latex Co., Ltd.

Establishment: 1949
Headquarters: Tokyo, Japan

Fuji Latex Co., Ltd. is a Japan-based company that manufactures and sells rubber products and precision equipment. Its diverse product portfolio comprises condoms, probe covers, balloons for advertising, shock absorbers, plastic dampers, rotary dampers, helical vibration absorbers, electrically controller dampers, speed controllers, and related latex and industrial purpose buffer products. The company mainly markets its products in Asia, Europe, and Oceania.

Karex Berhad

Establishment: 1988
Headquarters: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Karex Berhad is a global leader in condom and lubricant manufacturing. It offers a wide range of condoms, personal lubricants, probe covers, foley balloon catheters, and gloves. Besides this, the company supplies condoms to the world’s best-known marketing brands like Durex. It exports to over 130 countries across the globe, and its current clientele consists of governments, NGOs, brand owners, and retailers. Karex has operations across the United States, United Kingdom, Malaysia, and Thailand.

Lifestyles Healthcare

Establishment: 1905
Headquarters: Bangkok, Thailand

Lifestyles Healthcare is a world leader in the sexual wellness sector and was created in 2017 when the consortium of Humanwell Healthcare and CITIC Capital private equity purchased the Sexual Wellness division from Ansell. It manufactures, markets, and sells condoms, personal lubricants, feminine hygiene products, and related devices through retail outlets. The company also supplies condoms through public tenders and third-party branded businesses. It is the world’s #2 condom company with leading latex brands, such as

  • LifeStyles
  • Jissbon
  • Manix
  • Unimil
  • Blowtex

It’s as well as the fast-growing and highly-innovative non-latex condom brand SKYN. At present, Lifestyles Healthcare owns and operates manufacturing facilities in India, China, and Thailand.

Mankind Pharma

Establishment: 1991
Headquarters: New Delhi, India

Mankind Pharma is one of the top Indian multinational pharmaceutical companies. It develops, manufactures, and markets a broad array of products in various acute and chronic therapeutic areas ranging from antibiotics, anti-infectives, and anti-diabetic to gastrointestinal, cardiovascular, dermal, respiratory, and erectile dysfunction medications. It also offers consumer healthcare products, including condoms, pregnancy detection, oral contraceptives, antacid powders, anti-acne preparations, and vitamin and mineral supplements. Some prominent brands are

  • Manforce
  • Prega News
  • Unwanted-Kit
  • Candiforce
  • Gas-O-Fast
  • SafeKind
  • AcneStar
  • Monticope
  • Adiction Deo
  • Dydroboon
  • Codistar
  • Nurokind-Gold


Mayer Laboratories Inc.

Establishment: 1987
Headquarters: California, United States

Mayer Laboratories Inc. manufactures a range of sexual wellness and reproductive healthcare products that meet or exceed the highest domestic and international standards for safety and quality. It also provides customized, white-label wellness products to various companies. Its main products comprise condoms, water-based lubricants, and fertility trackers sold and marketed under several brand names, such as

  • Kimono
  • Aqua Lube
  • Daysy + LadyComp


Okamoto Global

Establishment: 1934
Headquarters: Tokyo, Japan

Okamoto Global is a Japanese brand and global leader in producing high-quality condoms. The company was formed from the merger of four companies, namely as

  • Nippon Gum Industries, Ltd.
  • Riken Rubber Co., Ltd.
  • Okamoto Rubber Co., Ltd.

Its present name was adopted shortly after the merger. Okamoto is a cohesive and dynamic enterprise comprising the ideas and technologies of each of the above companies. 

Reckitt Benckiser Group PLC

Establishment: 1999
Headquarters: Berkshire, England

Reckitt Benckiser Group PLC is a leading consumer hygiene, health, and nutrition company across the globe. It sells various skincare products, baby formula, dishwasher detergents, cleaning essentials, hair removal products, antiseptics, air fresheners, mosquito repellent, antacids, analgesics, dietary supplements, fabric care, and household products. Its distinct portfolio of brands includes

  • Dettol
  • Lysol
  • Harpic
  • Finish
  • Durex
  • Disprin
  • Veet
  • Mucinex
  • Enfamil
  • Move Free
  • Nurofen
  • Strepsils
  • Gaviscon
  • Nutramigen
  • Cillit Bang
  • Vanish
  • Mortein
  • Air Wick
  • Mycil

It offers a range of condoms, sexual lubricants, massage gels, and related products under the Durex brand name, the No. 1 condom brand across the globe.

Veru Inc.

Establishment: 1971
Headquarters: Florida, United States

Veru Inc. is a biopharmaceutical company focused on developing novel medicines for COVID-19 and other ARDS-related and viral diseases and the management of breast and prostate cancers. It also has a commercial Sexual Health Division comprising a drug candidate, ENTADFI capsule, a new treatment for benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH), and the FC2 Female Condom (Internal Condom), an FDA-approved product for dual protection against unplanned pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections.


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