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Mar 30, 2022

Top Companies in Seeds Industry | IMARC Group

The global seeds market reached a value of US$ 43.4 Billion in 2021. A seed is a ripened fertilized ovule of a plant containing an embryo and plays a significant role in generating a new plant. It is enclosed in the seed coat, which protects the embryo and performs several functions such as nourishing, dispersing to new locations, and dormancy in unfavorable weather conditions. Besides this, seeds offer food to other species like animals and humans.

As per the analysis by IMARC Group, the top seed companies are introducing genetically modified (GM) seeds, which is increasing the efficiency of the farmlands. With the growing health and environmental consciousness, they are also supporting farmers to grow natural and chemical-free products like organic seeds. Apart from this, the advancements in technology have prompted several companies to launch enhanced seed varieties, such as quinoa, hemp, caraway, sunflower, tomato, and rice seeds. On account of these factors, the market value is expected to reach US$ 48.8 Billion by 2027, exhibiting a CAGR of 2.11% during 2022-2027.

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List of Top Seed Companies Worldwide:

Bayer Crop Science AG

Establishment: 1863
Headquarter: Leverkusen, Germany

Bayer Crop Science AG is a multinational chemical, pharmaceutical, and life sciences company. From 1925 to 1952, the company was a part of IG Farben, the world's largest chemical and pharmaceutical company. Bayer's primary areas of business include human and veterinary pharmaceuticals; consumer healthcare products; agricultural chemicals and biotechnology products; and high-value polymers.

Corteva Agriscience

Establishment: 2019
Headquarter: Indiana, United States

Corteva Agriscience was an agriculture division of DowDuPont, which was established by combining DuPont Crop Protection, DuPont Pioneer, and Dow AgroScience. It became a publicly-traded company in June 2019. The company supplies a diverse range of field crop hybrids and varieties alongside crop protection products. It also offers integrated and greatly expanded solutions that combine genetics, chemistry and precision agriculture. Moreover, it helps farmers maximize the value of their investment through high-performing genetics and effective science-based solutions that optimize yield and crop quality.

Syngenta AG

Establishment: 2000
Headquarter: Basel, Switzerland

Syngenta was formed in December 1999 with the spin-off and merger of the agrochemical and seed division of Novartis, and the agrochemicals and biotechnology research divisions of AstraZeneca. The company is engaged in the discovery, development, production, and marketing of a range of products designed to improve crop yields and food quality. It also develops seeds and plants using advanced genetics and related technologies. Syngenta’s seed portfolio includes more than 200 product lines and 6,800 varieties of proprietary genetics. Moreover, the company operates across the globe through its three segments consisting of the integrated crop protection, seeds business, and lawn and garden business.


Establishment: 1865
Headquarter: Mannheim, Germany

BASF SE strengthens its research and development (R&D) activities for sustainable agricultural innovations, providing solutions for sustainable healthy eating. Under the Nunhems Brand, BASF offers more than vegetable seeds. It offers partnerships and customer-oriented solutions for the entire vegetable value chain, including growers, processors, plant raisers, dealers, traders, retailers, and food service industry-tailored to consumer needs and trends. Furthermore, the company’s portfolio ranges from chemicals and materials to industrial solutions, surface technologies, nutrition and care, and agricultural solutions.


Establishment: 1965
Headquarter: Saint-Beauzire, France

Limagrain is an agricultural cooperative owned by French farmers. The company ensures the progress for farmers both in the region of origin in France and worldwide. Limagrain contributed to the vitality and sustainable performance of the farms in the region, which aims to make it an area of agricultural excellence. Focusing on its seeds and plant improvement expertise, the company meets the challenges through genetic progress, while ensuring that farmers remain independent and have freedom of choice regarding other production factors.


Establishment: 1856
Headquarter: Wanzleben-Borde, Germany

KWS SAAT SE & Co. KGaA is a European independent and family-owned company that focuses on high-yield seeds. The company uses leading-edge plant breeding methods to continuously improve yield for farmers and plants’ resistance to diseases, pests, and abiotic stress. It also aims to offer all farmers targeted varieties and solutions to fit their operation needs, tailored to climatic conditions and specific geological conditions of their respective regions. Moreover, it also emphasizes high-performance seeds for corn, sugarbeet, cereals, oil, protein plants, and vegetables that enable balanced crop rotation.

Sakata Seed Corporation

Establishment: 1913
Headquarter: Kanagawa, Japan

Sakata is a world leader in breeding and producing vegetable and ornamental seed and vegetative cuttings. Sakata breeders around the world work diligently to develop varieties that offer superior performance and set new standards for the industry. It strives to be an innovative creator and supplier, living up to the company’s motto Quality, Reliability, Service. Sakata continues to expand its business globally and Sakata-branded seeds have achieved great success in more than 130 countries.

AgReliant Genetics, LLC

Establishment: 2000
Headquarter: Indiana, United States

AgReliant Genetics is rooted in the tradition of its two parent seed companies, namely Groupe Limagrain of Saint-Beauzire, France and KWS of Einbeck, Germany. Currently, it is the third-largest seed corn company in the United States, in the top four agriculture research programs in North America, and one of the fastest-growing independent seed companies in the market. It combines research and production efforts to bring some of the market’s most competitive corn, soybean, sorghum and alfalfa products to farmers throughout the United States and Canada.

DLF Seeds A/S

Establishment: 1988
Headquarter: Roskilde, Denmark

DLF is a global seed company dealing in forage, amenity seeds and other crops. The company supports environmental sustainability by developing sustainable products and operating in an environmentally sustainable way. Moreover, it operates within forage and turf seed, sugar and fodder beet seed, seed potatoes and multiplication of vegetable seed.

Yuan Longping High-tech Agriculture Corporation Limited

Establishment: 1999
Headquarter: Hunan, China

Yuan Longping Agricultural Hi-Tech Co., Ltd. is a modern seed industry high-tech group established by Academician Yuan Longping as the main sponsor. The company is engaged in crop breeding, multiplication, and sales businesses. The company’s main business covers the two major systems of seed industry operation and agricultural services, among which the rice, millet, and sunflower seed business lead the world, and the corn, cucumber, and pepper seed business lead China. Besides this, the company has built a domestic leading commercial breeding system and an international advanced biotechnology platform.


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